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Bengal Handloom Sarees That Are Worth Buying

The handloom sarees of Bengal remains the flag-bearer of the rich heritage of the hand weaving industry for decades. The handlooms of Bengals bring out sarees that are not only of superior quality, but they can rival other sarees for their vibrancy and rich design. The traditional handloom sarees of Bengal are weaved in the looms and take up to two years to complete a single premium quality saree.

Using different techniques and fibres, these looms come up with unique and premium sarees of different types. Here is a list of the wide array of Bengal handloom sarees that are hugely popular, even in the international market.

Bengal Handloom Sarees That Are Worth Buying

Muslin and Jamdani Sarees
Jamdani sarees date back to 321 – 185 BC. This finest weaving of Bengal is made by meticulous thread work using the finest quality of premium fabric, giving the saree a perfect classy look. The Jamdani is made using the discontinuous weft technique on the loom, which is both time consuming and labour intensive. Traditionally, the preferred fabric used was the cotton from Kapas, but the sharp rise in demand has led to the weavers using varieties of cotton, silk, or a blend of both. The price of Jamdanis vary widely and depends on the motif and the fabric used for their making.

Tussur Sarees
Tussar remains a popular saree for women and is valued for its rich texture and natural gold colour. The yarn used to produce Tussar sarees are made from the silkworms found in the forest. Tussar sarees are also produced in Sri Lanka, China, and even Japan, but India remains as the largest producer of Tussar silk sarees in the world. The saree remains as the most textured cloth among all the variants of silk groups and remains as the best choice for people living in the warmer regions of India. The saree needs to be ironed once every three months to keep the texture intact.

Tant Sarees
Tant remains as an affordable saree that could be used as regular wear for every casual occasion. The Tant saree has thick borders and there are colourful motifs that represent flowers, elephants, leaves, and many other designs. Cotton threads are used to weave Tant saree that results in a fabric that is light and transparent. A wide selection of variations is available, depending on the thread count. Tant saree remains as the perfect saree to wear in the summertime.

Silk Sarees
Bengal has a rich tradition in the production of handloom silk. These silk sarees are woven in handloom and come with many patterns and colours. Some of the more recent silk sarees are the Gachi Tussar, Ghicha, Mulmul silk, Jute silk, Kari silk, Brasso silk, Tissue silk, and Noil silk; all these silk sarees are new additions to get a more variation in the look and feel of sarees. Original silk sarees made in handlooms remain expensive due to the quality of material used as well as the time and labour taken to produce a single saree.

Designer Handloom Sarees
In keeping with its artistic ideas, the handloom industry of Bengal has come up with designer handloom sarees that reflect the glorious tradition of Bengal sarees. Using natural cotton or silk, or a blend of both, the artisans bring out a myriad of patterns to bring out the designer handloom sarees. These sarees have been a huge success in the aristocratic fashion conscious modern women. Each of the saree is a real piece of art, crafted with finesse by the veterans in the industry. Now one can find designer sarees that use sari, stones, beads, and pearls to create innovative motifs on the gorgeous designer sarees.

Hasta Bangla is a well-known name for bringing the handmade fabric and embroidery of Bengal that meets the taste of the saree connoisseurs at affordable prices. One can buy Bengal handloom sarees online on its website

Celebrated as one of the leading retailers of exclusive designer zardosi sarees, Hasta Bangla has become a one-stop destination for all who loves exquisite sarees. With Bengal being at the heart of fashion that has peeked the interest of the fashion enthusiasts from all around the world for years, Hasta Bangla has captured the right fashion temperament of the state and reflect it in the products designed. From dhakai jamdani saree to aari embroidered saree, tant benarasi saree to handloom silk, the collection as showcased by the Hasta Bangla store is wide and varied. Each of the pieces that are available in the store has a great finish that can be attributed to the use of fine quality materials. Soft and durable, the sarees are extremely comfortable to wear. The handmade fabrics look exquisite and unique. Combined with an array of shades, patterns and designs, the sarees find a renewed elegant appeal. Be it for regular wear or for festivals, all types of sarees are displayed on the store. The sarees are available at affordable factory prices, which makes it easy to purchase. With an aim to revolutionize the fashion scene, Hasta Bangla is dedicated to crafting the most elegant and beautiful sarees.
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