Best 10 food apps which are leftover in 2021


One-1/3 of the sector’s food is buried in a landfill while nearly 1000000000 humans die due to starving. Fortuitously, many businesses have promoted a number of apps to govern this hassle. Many food business apps are there within the marketplace which facilitates in lowering the trouble of starvation all around the globe. A few great leftover food apps of 2019 are mentioned underneath which can invite some humans to make a contribution leftover ingredients and assist a few needy humans:

Food Apps stopping meals Wastage

1. Too exact to go

This app specially works in Europe and the United states. The rating of this app is four.9/5. Moreover, it has been downloaded 1.2 million times for the reason that time of launching this app in 2015. This is the initiative by means of many companies and people for supporting the human beings in want. They consist of restaurants which lower their price at the end of the day and promote the leftovers at a very cheap charge. Due to this, the food is not wasted and the individuals who are hungry can fill their empty stomachs.


2. meals for All:

This app gives around eighty% bargain on the stop of the day just before 1 hour of the ultimate restaurant. It specifically works in Boston and the big apple metropolis. People who are in want can explore close by eating places and select up the meals on the time targeted by way of the restaurant itself. Moreover, those who want to help a person also can donate food through this app.



3  food Rescue Hero

Forty% of food is going waste whilst 1 in 7 is going hungry. By way of using this app, it is easy to procure meals from a restaurant or an organization and deliver it to some non-earnings agencies who serve folks who are hungry. If you need to do something excellent for the planet, the first-class way is to food delivery app to the individuals who are in want and see the happiness on their face. While you deliver the food, this app offers you an alternative of taking a selfie with the people to whom you deliver the food and upload it in your social website and permit your friends to recognise the happiness.


This app specifically covers america just because of the motive that the united states of america is going through a food disaster and around 40% of food is wasted every 12 months. Moreover, 133 billion kilos of meals are thrown away by means of the eating places itself. To govern the meals crisis, these sorts of programs play a first-rate function in re-dispensing the leftover meals to the people in need. The primary purpose of this app is to guide small companies and produce humans together to percentage delicious meals.



The method of Goodr ensures the safest transport of the excess food from the corporations to the non-income agencies and networks who need it. You may without delay donate your surplus food; the group associated with the goodr app will pick it up and supply it to the network or those who need it. This app additionally allows in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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8.OLIO: The food Sharing Revolution

Olio basically connects associates and local communities or shops in order that surplus meals may be shared and not thrown away. In case you love to devour and like to assist different people in order that they would not sleep with an empty belly, this app is for you. Go in advance, download it and provide a hand in saving the surroundings. There are around 884271 customers of this app along with 30357 volunteers supporting different people and stopping leftover meals from getting dumped.


9. switch-kingdom

This app is specially protecting meal insecurities in urban areas of the usa. Transfernation can provide somewhere around 2.7 metric tons of food every week. The volunteers and contractors can earn as much as $15 per pick out up and nearby feeding programs enjoy free super meals. They normally supply meals to feeding packages hosted through church buildings and shelters in their location. This app is handiest like minded with iPhone users.


10. Tango Tab: when you eat, They eat

This is one of the great leftover meals programs I individually came across in which if you want to dine out and don’t have a great area to your thoughts, log in to tango tab and locate the quality eating places close by. While you eat in a restaurant searched by tango tab, the economic quantity of that meal is delivered up in a food bank of your community which facilitates a few different characters to eat a meal.