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Best 2 Award Winner Telugu Singers – You Have To Know About Them

If we talk about the song of Telugu, then you will vote which songs? I think you will vote for the superstar songs like Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu. But if we ask you who are the best singers in the Telugu industry. Then we can tell you that many singers were singing the songs and get the best award. They get the award for their best performance in the sector of music.

Also, have to know that they are very famous for their hit and viral Telugu songs, which are also the most viewed song on Youtube. You can also get the music from many sites, but naa songs are the trusted site at this moment. We are now talking about the 3 best Telugu singers who are also won the award for their best performance. Let's get started.

Sid Sriram

At present, we know that he is one of the best singers in the Telugu music industry and also works as a music composer in many Telugu films; it's very shocking that he is even singing the Tamil language song. Besides singing, he also wrote the lyricist of the songs. In many films, he mostly works as a music director and singer. Now he is well known for his magical voice and earned enormous fame.

He also works with many famous actors and earns an enormous fan base. For his best performance, he achieves many awards. In 2awardse get Best Playback Singer Award, and later in 2018, he also won the award for Ninnu Kori movie. So it is elementary to describe Sid Sriram that is he is the best singer now. And his most of the songs are now available online with video and telugu mp3 songs.

In addition, Sid is the famous singer in Tamil, Telugu also Malayalam movies songs. Most of the songs are now trending on Youtube, and he sang numerous songs in many languages. Even is the highest-paid singer in the Telugu film industry as well in Tamil and Malayalam too. Now he also becomes the amazing voice singer in India no, and his demand is so huge.


He is now one of the best singers who predominantly works in Telugu. Besides, he also works as a music director. However, he is now the best male playback singer in the Telugu music industry. Most of the song which is sang by him get much more popular and hugely viewed on Youtube. Even numerous pieces have been marked as the trending category.

With his best performance, he gets the much award. However, he is the best singer at this moment and also works with many famous music directors. Also, note that he has much more experience in this sector. Moreover, all the songs which he sang and composed go instantly viral. You can also see that he won many awards for his best performance.

In 2007, he won the Best Male Playback Singer Award, and next year he also won this award for his best performance. I think he is the only one singer after Sid Sriram who won the much more awards. So it is essential to say that he is a trending singer now.


It is very competent that Sid Sriram is the best singer with his beautiful songs. He has now become the best singer for the euphonious voice of songs. I think you all get the best singer's name who won the best award for their music. Now it is permanent that you have to listen to their songs.

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