Best 5 Business Ideas For Successful Startups


A startup is a company that's in its initial stages of business and it's also an escape for the dreamers from the monotonous 9-5 to the profession and pay of their dreams.


Now some people may have the best business ideas for the future chalked out and planned, while some others may not have enough knowledge or even ideas for that matter as to what service must be sold. So here I will walk you through the best business ideas for a startup if you haven't decided on one yet.

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1. Mobile apps, entertainment, and gaming.

If you are a techie like the guys from our IT departments, this may just be the best startup idea for you, and this could be the best source of revenue generation.

Some of the latest research conducted around the world have shown a rising demand for mobile and tablet-based apps for gaming and entertainment. So trust me, the market will not be short in their demand for quite some time.

2. Vacations Rental.

With traveling becoming more comfortable and easier every single day, the market for vacation rentals has also been changing rapidly. Nw, if you have a property that you can rent away to a bunch of travelers looking for a more personal touch in their travels, or even a room that you could give away for a few days, this might just be the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

3. Personal trainer and Healthcare expert

The demand for healthcare advisors is always very high, and this has led to the rise of the Healthcare and Fitness Industry. If you have completed a course as a nutritionist or a fitness expert, you could try starting your consultancy services and giving healthcare advice, and conduct one on one training workout sessions.

4. IT Support

As the internet becomes more accessible to the population, IT support may just be the best business idea for a startup. And so if technology comes easily to you and you find great interest in this field, then the most profitable business prospect for you may be, providing tech support and mobile IT services and also expand your tech knowledge alongside.

5. Personal Wellness.

If you are a certified psychologist, counsellor, life coach, or long-time meditator, personal wellness and mental well-being may be the best business for you.

With the ever-rising mental health awareness and people both, openly asking for, and offering help to strangers this profession is both, highly profiting and helping. This may just be one of the best business ideas for the future, to soothe your empathy hearts and help out others.


Stephen Semprevivo is an experienced business consultant, based in Los Angeles, California, he advises young startups and also helps them build a market and high profits he helps startups become big businesses and promises consistency. He always looks for more creative ways to mentor startups and helps them get out and demand what's theirs while coming up with the best business ideas for startups.