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Best 6 Ways to Add Security to Your Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers can suffer security issues although it is the most secure server. But knowing the ways to increase the protection, can be very useful.Dedicated servers are known to provide high levels of security since it is not shared with any other websites & is dedicated to satisfying the needs of any single person or organization. But no matter how much you keep your data secured, there are chances of your security getting breached. Any kind of attacks contribute towards targeting your websites containing files of various sizes.

Although you may use a dedicated server that guarantees maximum security, unforeseen circumstances may arise at any time. To prevent such security issues, it is necessary to take certain steps to add further security to your dedicated server. Let us look at some of these steps:

  1. Keep things up-to-date-

    When you are using a dedicated server in Japan or India, it is mandatory to check for security updates on a regular can do this manually, not always but for a few times in a week. Relying on your software to inform you about an update is a strict no-no; you should check for the updates yourself & install it as soon as possible without further delay. This will reduce the chances of suffering any kind of attack that could hamper your business needs. Also note that such kind of attacks are easily done on software that are not updated on a regular basis & getting an access is much more easier than the updated ones.

  2. Using trusted networks-

    Having a trusted network surely serves as the most important criterion for security purpose. You should always log in to your hosting account with your credentials using a trusted network. Avoid signing into a public wireless or other unprotected networks. It is important to remember that others who have accounts should also be informed about this kind of norm.

  3. DdoS Protection-

    Since DdoS attacks have become very common, adding DdoS protection to your dedicated hosting account is very helpful. This will ensure protection against attacks that can affect your server adversely, bringing it down through the use of traffic congestion. If you want an extra level of protection, it is surely a DdoS protection plan that filters through your website’s traffic & allows only legitimate visitors to visit your website. Moreover, having a Ddos protection gives your server protection against various kinds of attacks of varied sizes ranging from 10 gbps to 100 gbps & so on.

  4. Regular data backup-

    Even if you are using the most protected dedicated server in UAE, it is possible that your server can be attacked & suffer other security issues. So you should always have a backup plan & this idea will never fail you! Particularly, you should backup all your data once a week or you can increase the number of frequency as you like. In that case, even if your server crashes down or gets attacked, you can at least restore the data to its previous condition because of taking the pains to backup all your data, thereby saving it.

  5. Go for a managed server-

    A managed server is always the best option if you find handling such security issues are difficult. A managed server allows you to have your own administrator who will monitor the vital aspects of safeguarding your security of the website. These administrators are very beneficial as it will save your precious time that you would have otherwise taken in installing updates & regularly backing up data.

  6. Use of vigorous password policy-

    No matter which dedicated server you are using, it is important to frequently change the passwords. This is because your host may set a default password that may increase the chance of security attacks. You can use a random combination of letters, numbers or symbols; avoid using words connected to your identity like your name or date of birth; do not keep a password for a very long time.

Conclusion- Following these tips can ensure the security of your dedicated server. So even if you are using a dedicated server in Tokyo or elsewhere, the chances of having security issues will be reduced.

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