best app for video bokeh android


But not all built-in smartphone applications can provide a blurry background effect. Therefore, you need a museum bokeh video application to create this effect.

Below are several Android applications that provide features for making bokeh backgrounds for a video.

Recommended Bokeh Video Application

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1. Bacon Camera

The first recommended application is the Bacon Camera. You can download and install this application as a second camera on your smartphone. There is one feature that the most superior of Bacon Camera is recording video with a bokeh effect.

Users can adjust the level of bokeh in the video they record. Thanks to this feature, the resulting video looks alive and real like it was recorded using a professional camera.

Another advantage of Bacon Camera is that it is able to produce high-resolution videos like the default camera application. No wonder many videographers use this application to record videos.

You need to know that Bacon Camera is only compatible with versions of Android 4.4 and above.

2. Cameringo Filter Camera

Cameringo Filter Camera is included in the line of paid applications. But you don't need to worry because the money you pay will be worth the features that Cameringo Filter Camera has.

This additional camera application can record videos with a bokeh background like a DSLR camera. In addition, the color details captured by Cameringo Filter Camera also look so real and exactly the same as the real thing.

Apart from the two advantages above, Cameringo Filter Camera still has several other features that will be very useful for recording videos. Here are the details.

Slow motion allows you to make slow motion videos. This effect is commonly used to create videos with a cinematic theme.

HDR feature to increase the resolution and quality of the video so that it looks more detailed and the colors are sharper.

Various filters to create a specific feel to the video.

3. Cameringo Lite

This application is a light version of Cameringo Filter Camera. This lite version is more suitable to be installed for smartphones that have low specifications. For example, small RAM, internal storage capacity is almost full, and so on.

In terms of features, the Cameringo Lite is not much different from its “big brother”. This application is equipped with a bokeh feature that can be adjusted to the focus point according to the user's wishes.

Not only that, the Cameringo Lite is also equipped with a fish eye feature so that the video recorded looks curved. The results of the recording produced using this feature are similar to videos from GoPro cameras or other action cams.

Unfortunately not all smartphones can use the fish eye feature. If the camera lens is not supported, this feature will be disabled.

4. Ultra Professional HD DSLR Camera

Want to shoot videos in good quality but you only have an Android phone? Don't worry, because now there is an application called DSLR Camera HD Ultra Professional. As the name implies, the application is claimed to be able to record video on a par with a DSLR camera.

Videos that are recorded and produced from this application have a higher resolution than the default Android camera.

DSLR Camera HD Ultra Professional is also free, unlike the previous application. So, you don't need to make a payment to enjoy all the features contained in the application.

One of the most outstanding features of the DSLR Camera HD Ultra Professional application is bokeh. This feature is able to make the video background look blurry like recording using a fixed lens on a DSLR camera. Very interesting, right?

5. Video Filters, Video Effects

The next recommendation for the bokeh museum video application is Video Filter, Video Effect. This application can be used to record videos directly and edit existing videos in the gallery or storage memory.

Especially for camera features, the resulting video quality will still follow the quality of the original camera. So, the higher the resolution of the camera on your smartphone, the better quality video will be. The opposite is also true.

As for editing, you are free to choose the blur effect that will be applied to the video. If you don't want to bother, you can use the automatic option. However, the resulting bokeh sometimes looks less natural.

To create a more natural and maximum bokeh effect, you should only use manual mode. So, you have to determine which parts will be blurred or faint.


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