Best Apple Mac Products Available in the Market Right Now


Apple products have never lost their hype ever since their launch. People have always had this craze for apple gadgets because of their extreme functionality. As the competition from Android and Windows have increased in the recent past, Apple products are only becoming smarter and better. Let us have a walk down through some of the best apple products of this year.

Mac Book Pro-2019 (15 Inches)

This one is an absolute favourite among all the Mac products that were released in the past two years. It is available in most Apple Mac shops in Auckland New Zealand. This laptop is very powerful, with a decent amount of configuring options. The beautiful looks of the screen and the laptop itself are utterly stunning. The ninth generation, Intel core i9 processor takes the processing speed to the next level. It has the AMD Radeon Pro graphics card (555X-560X). The size of the screen is 5.4 inches with Retina display. There are different variants of internal memory available, right from 512 GB to 4 TB. The main concern with this laptop is the absence of ports that might annoy some people. Other than that, this Mac product is an absolute win.

Imac Pro

This desktop is one of the most powerful ones in the market right now. The colour-accuracy in the display is one of the main features. The CPU features a 18 core Intel Xeon processor with 32 to 256 GB RAM. The screen is of 27 inches and also has the signature Retina display. They also have 1 TB to 4 TB storage variants. The main attraction of this desktop is the vibrancy and clarity of the screen featuring a 5K display. Apart from the glamour, this device has great performance too. 

MAC Mini

The design of this small yet aesthetic device will make you fall in love. It has an eighth-generation Intel Core processor with i3 to i7 variants. Mac mini is a computer that comes without a desktop, mouse or keyboard. You can connect with your peripheral devices and use the Mac mini. It is very efficient for its size and is extremely portable. The new version available in the market has a great range of improved specifications that will blow the minds of Mac mini fans out there.


This one is the most affordable new launches of Apple Macs out there. It features an eight-core Intel i9 processor and an AMD Radeon Pro graphics card. The Pro Vega 48 variant is also available. The RAM goes from 8 GB to 64 GB. The screen is of 27 inches diagonal with 5K Retina display. You get different memory variants such as 1 TB inbuilt fusion drive and 2 TB drive. If you are looking for a wholesome, All-in-one option, then the 2019 iMac is just for you. The price is also quite affordable when you consider what you get


Mackbook Air 2019

The new Macbook Air lives up to the hype. The design is lovely, and the display is stunning with a 13.3 inches dimension, LED back-lit screen. The processor featured in this device is the Intel Core i5 (dual-core) with different RAM options from 8 GB to 16 GB. The internal storage space varies from 128 GB to 1 TB, which is not that much yet will serve the purpose. The price is lower compared to the counterparts from previous versions. This device also featured improved battery life and better display quality.

Macbook Pro (Featuring Touch Bar)

This Macbook has an eighth-generation, Intel core processor (i5 to i8). There are different RAM options ranging from 8 GB to 16 GB. The main advantage of this one is that it has improved storage space when compared to the previous counterparts. Different storage options range from 128 GB to 2 TB. The display features a back-lit screen with IPS technology. The size of the screen is quite compact at 13.3 inches. The graphics card features the Intel Iris Plus (645 to 655). The butterfly keyboard has been improved to be less noisy and better. On the whole, this Macbook Pro is a good option if you are looking for a compact yet powerful laptop.