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Best Ayurvedic Cooking Courses in India


It comes as a no surprise that ready to cook delicacies, and calorie-packed foods are tempting to the core. But the underlying truth is they are harmful to digestive health. So, in the midst of unhealthy food choices, Ayurveda cooked delicacies come as a healthy relief.

The Vedic science, Ayurveda, considers cooking and food as an integrated part of the digestion and nutrition. Therefore, it suggests an eating sequence, foods having six tastes, the ideal manner of eating and so much more so that you can extract maximum nutritional value for the healthy development of body-mind.

Ayurvedic cooking courses in India is influenced by Vedic traditions aiming to instill in people the skill of harmonious cooking for the wellness of body-mind. In Ayurveda courses in India, the curriculum contains the following subjects:

● Introduction to Ayurveda: Gaining basic knowledge of Ayurveda science
● Understanding Tri-doshas and six tastes: In-depth study of body humor and six tastes so that you can prepare food for harmonizing them
● Ways to analyze and understand different body types: Proper understanding of diverse body needs and the corresponding food choices
● Basic principles of Ayurveda dietetics: Learning the concept of balanced diet, nutrition in Ayurveda and more.
● Importance of Digestion: Explanation about the digestive fire, how to get rid of toxins, etc.
● Food and Seasons: Selection and cooking of food according to seasons for vitality and health
● Three Different Kinds of Food: Knowing sattvic, rajas and tamasic food types
● Practical classes to learn the recipes of 10 different Ayurvedic dishes.

Learn to make tasty and healthy dishes in Ayurveda style during Ayurvedic cooking courses in India.

1. Khichdi: It is a dish, which is simple to make and is healthy. Dal (lentils), vegetables, rice, Ghee (clarified butter), and Indian spices are the main ingredients of Khichdi. Mix and boil the lentils and rice, then add Ghee and other ingredients to it and cook for a few minutes. Your bowl of nutritious Khichdi is ready.

2. Dal: It is Indian gravy packed with protein and served with rice and chapattis. A wide array of lentils is used to make dal. Dal is an excellent supplement to the rice and rotis. Also, it makes your platter more tasty and healthy.

3. Aloo Matar: Aloo Matar is a vegetable dish having potatoes and green peas. These two vegetables are boiled and cooked in spices, condiments, and oil. Easy to make and delicious to eat, Aloo Matar is a healthy dish to savor regularly.

4. Tofu: It is a soy product containing the goodness of soya milk. Tofu is low in fat and hence, good for people who love vegan food. Tofu can be consumed in the form of vegetables, raw as a substitute for dairy products, in salads, etc.

5. Rice Pulao: Pulao is a dish that contains the taste of rice and wellness of seasoned vegetables and Ayurvedic herbs. Delight your taste buds by having it for lunch or dinner.

6. Besan Chilla: Besan chilla is a gluten-free omlette that you can enjoy as a breakfast dish. Gram flour (besan), onion, tomatoes, green chilies, and herbs are the main ingredients.

1. Make a batter by mixing besan and water
2. Add chopped vegetables and spices
3. Spread the mixture on a pan
4. Cook it for 5-10 minutes.

Why Ayurveda cooking courses class in India?

● With Ayurvedic cooking courses in India, you are introduced to the fascinating world of Indian herbs and spices. In the classes, you unfold the rewards, facts, and usage of diverse Indian ingredients so that you can make healthy and tasty food.

● The Ayurveda cooking classes is a healthy eating and cooking approach ensuring holistic wellness.

● Prepare food with maximum nutritional value and keep diseases at bay.

Cook healthy, eat healthy and live healthy with Ayurveda cooking courses in India.

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