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Best Baby Care Products to Increase Your Business Income with Complete Guide


Babies are adorable. Now there is no doubt about that, but the thing is that it is true as the bob that raising them can be one real task. Even though the mere idea of having a baby is sure enough to put a mother on cloud nine yet there are a lot of strict responsibilities, burdens, and predicaments that come along with these bundles of joy.

Responsibilities that come with a baby

From cleaning their soft and supple little buttocks to changing their diapers. From waking up at 2 at night to feed them to bearing their mood swings and phase of unceasing crying and blubbering at the age when they are teething (I personally know many mothers who proudly claim that during this phase, many nights they barely slept). And then the task that is difficult as well as extremely tiring. That is giving them a good wash.

Baby bathing

This is all right during the first few months when they are so little that they can be cleaned with a wet sponge, but when these little ones start growing up, their state demands more than just a sponge! And especially during the later years when they learn crawling. Now they are free to roam around the house and put whatever they want to on their clothes, hair, face, hands, and even in their mouths. At this age, babies need to be given baths at least 3 to 4 times a week.

As much as you remember their first smile, laughter, clutching your fingers with their little, warm, and cozy hands, this experience of you giving them their first bath is as well an extremely memorable experience. Whether in a negative or a positive sense, this depends on the choices you make.

Bathtub Accessories Checklist

You gather all the stuff you need or at least the stuff that you think you need. Baby shampoo? Check. That imported baby soap that smells so uncannily like strawberries that you have to stop and tell yourself not to do the adventure of taking a bite off it? Check. Soft towels especially made for delicate baby skin? Check.

Ready for a baby bath?

Now you run the tap in your bathtub with other baby’s or bathtub accessories for adults and get to work. But you feel something strange. This job soon makes doing the dishes look easier. You are starting to toss on your knees in order to try at shifting your bodily pressure from one knee to the other one. But it keeps getting worse. The next morning, two of the first things you feel are bruised knees and elbows.

This tough situation is experienced by almost every mom out there who has just commenced her 'being-mom' life. Although newborn babies need a bath two or a maximum of three times a week as they haven't yet started crawling, still it can be a pretty hectic job. Now there are a lot of good tutorials that are present on the Internet, but most of these are on how to give bath to your baby and topics like these. What is lacking is proper guidance for parents and especially mothers, so that they can avoid the usual discomfort while doing the task. 

For making sure your elbows are comfortable

Maybe the most challenging part of giving your baby a bath is the need to constantly leaning over the bathtub in order to scrub them, splashing water over them, or saving them from getting too deep in water. One has to lean over the bathtub while resting their elbow on the walls of the bathtub. This posture is extremely unhealthy as well it is painful. Within a minute or two, the elbow starts paining due to immense pressure being exerted upon it, and due to the fact that the surface it is resting upon is hard, wet, and slippery.

·         This pain is although temporary, but if one rests their elbow in this manner for a longer period of time, they can develop bruises after some hours, which are usually prominent and noticeable when one wakes up from sleep.

·         Moreover, this posture can lead to greater damage too, which is if one slips their elbow over the usually wet walls of the bathtub. Anything can happen. In order to avoid these serious situations, the need for elbow pads is evident.

What Else?

Elbow rests, or bath kneeler and elbow rest are a great accessory when it comes to providing support and comfort to your elbows while giving a bath to your baby. There are many famous brands out there that make elbow pads, but one needs to make sure that what they are buying is not merely a piece of foam that is covered with fancy material. One needs an actual elbow pad. It is very important to check that the foam padding has to be at least 1.5 inches thick and at least 20 inches wide.

With the elbow pad in place, the process of giving baths to your little ones can surely become somewhat easier and enjoyable.

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