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Best Bluetooth multiplayer games for Android

Gamers who are looking for multiplayer games can be executed anytime, anywhere without being connected to the Internet. With the help of Bluetooth technology, many Android games are dedicated to offering only these high-quality multiplayer games that can be played via Bluetooth with your body in the room. However, there are many Android Bluetooth games and, as this technology is gaining popularity, various quality games have appeared and are flooding the market. Savvy consumers who do not have money are not just unnecessarily useless in a gaming system that has not even been tested. As a result, most games have switched their business models from paid-for-play payment to integrated shopping via microfinance or free games. I'm not trying to separate the two business models here. Instead, I focus on the best Android multiplayer game with Bluetooth features. 

So here are the list of Bluetooth multiplayer android games


Minecraft is one of the best-selling games of all time. Characters in this game are very interesting. It's fun to play this game as one of the best Android Bluetooth games, with as much freedom as you want. Ally? Of course! To crash? Let's do it! It's really my absolute favorite game.

2. Asphalt 7

The racing games have flooded the market of Bluetooth games on Android. If you like high-octane racing with nice vehicles and landscapes with plenty of options to customize your wheels, take a look at Asphalt 7. And this also a game which can be played multiplayer android game via hotspot. And yes, Asphalt 8 comes out, but until the end of the game, Asphalt 7 remains my favorite.

3. 3D chess

Chess is the game who most of them love to play. This is mainly because chess is the perfect game to lead one of the world's oldest video game heirs, using Android Bluetooth or via hotspot. If you like strategy games, you must familiarize yourself with the most strategic games on the market!

4. Mortal Kombat X

Honestly, sometimes you just hit someone to get a thick porridge. Mortal Kombat has brought its great franchise to the smartphones with great success. This game is perfect to sit with a friend and kill each other via a Bluetooth network.

5. Badland

Just try this game. You must not know anything about it. It's free to try and you'll thank me later. This game is full of planning and strategizing and escape the obstacles.

6. Worms 2: Armageddon

This game reminds me of memories. Why do these worms want to kill each other? Who knows But I like that! For me, I have to play this game with friends. There was no really fun solo for me. But that can be nostalgia.

7. GT Racing 2: The real experience of the car

This is the car racing game. This game focuses a little more on the sliding course itself, of course, the race is a huge factor in this game. This game is about customizing your vehicle with quick adjustments and monster upgrades for the road. I like getting in touch with friends and see with what trick I'm putting up shows against them.

8. Terraria

This game is adventures games where you need to build your own city to survive,You need to fight against demons and you can get lot fortune, create your own assets. Which can help to build your own empire.

9. Warlings

This is a battlefield game where you will have six battlefields where you need to battle against your enemies, there are lot of other maps to, which you need to explore. And you can use bunch of weapons to destroy your enemies.

10. Chess Via Bluetooth

As you know chess can be played by 2 players, So in this games you need a Bluetooth to play this game, you can customize your own characters and can be played with your opponent. You can change the colors, design of the characters.


So here are the best multiplayer games which you need to give a try and enjoy the gaming experience

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