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Best Business Startup Ideas in Melbourne Australia

There has never been an easier time to start a business - all you really need is an internet connection and a laptop. However, starting a business and starting a profitable business are two very different matters. Here are some leading startup ideas for Melbourne!

Freelance Services

2020 was a challenging year for everyone, and this creates a tentative atmosphere for businesses in 2021. Rather than hiring new staff members, companies want to outsource to freelance workers because it’s less of a commitment.

What can you offer? This all depends on your skills, experience, and passions. While some write articles and blog posts, others offer admin services, customer support, video-making services, social media maintenance, IT support, or something else entirely.


After a global pandemic and being forced to stay indoors for many months, people are glad to be outside finally. Many people learned that working out at home just isn’t for them, and this is expected to boost gym memberships in Melbourne and right across Australia.


Rather than starting everything from scratch, why not consider a gym franchise for sale in Melbourne? As long as you have the funding, you’ll receive support while launching a known brand in your town/city.


Businesses closed, and schools did the same - in fact, Victoria was one of the biggest-hit locations in terms of lockdowns and school closures. Now, both parents and children are playing catch-up. With this, they’re looking for tutors to stop their children from falling behind.

As with gyms, you have two options with tutoring:


     Join a freelance website where tutors and parents meet

     Launch a brand from scratch

Either way, you have skills to offer, and children need them to catch up with classmates and ensure they get the grades they need at the end of their educational journey.

Social Media Marketer

Businesses know that they need to advertise on social media, but they aren’t always sure how to do it. For others, the problem is finding time in the day to create and monitor ad campaigns. Even if you don’t have experience in social media marketing, there are plenty of courses online to start learning. Then, offer your services to businesses as a startup in Melbourne.

As long as you generate positive customer reviews, there are enough clients to go around. Especially with today’s digital environment, you can work with clients all over the country.

Sell Your Products

Often, aspiring business owners look for external inspiration when the idea is actually right in front of them. For example, do you knit blankets and sweatshirts for family members? Perhaps you make baby’s toys for relatives and colleagues? Whatever it is that you make, you could start a business and sell these items online.


Currently, one of the best websites for this is Etsy. You can create an account, start listings for particular products, and send your creations all over the globe.

eBay Business

If you’ve always had a keen eye for a bargain, perhaps you can start buying and selling goods on eBay? While some choose to start a business selling books and video games, others sell home items and rare collectibles.

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Choose a Passion

Today, opportunities are plentiful in all sorts of niches. With this, the best startup idea in Melbourne is one that matches your hobbies and interests. If you like to paint, you can teach young kids in the area with painting classes. If you like to write, you can write articles and blog posts for businesses. If you like to train others, start a franchise gym!

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