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Best casinos if you need a new one

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Are you new to gambling online and online casinos, and have no idea which casino you should choose to play at or which casinos are the best? Are you looking for a new online casino to play at because you got bored of the last one and aren’t sure where to even start looking?

The online gambling industry is a massive industry and is only going to grow bigger from here with the world moving into a digital era with everything starting to happen online. There are so many different casinos to choose from now, and more and more being introduced just about every day. Each online casino has their own set of casino games which come in a wide variety of themes making it so that there is something for everyone.

With so many options out of these, you might be wondering which casinos are the best to choose. There are so many different games, bonuses, and more offered at each casino making the choice even trickier. It is good that you can visit websites like https://www.japan-101.com/10bet/ that can help you find the most popular online casinos in Japan in one place. If you are having trouble choosing an online casino, don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 online casinos that will give you the best experience possible.

Casino X

Casino X is a British online casino that is said to have a great reputation according to various different review sites. It is said to be a generally good casino however there are a few things to note. This includes the fact that even though it offers an incredibly wide variety of games to play, it does not offer poker. So, for those who are wanting to play poker, you won’t find that here. Other things that people noted that they didn’t particularly enjoy about the site was that they didn’t react to public complaints and they were a bit too strict when it came to bonuses.

Casino X has a multitude of game providers including Big Time gaming, Genesis Gaming, and ELK studios. The website itself supports 15 different languages, has customer support in 6 different languages, and has a live chat in 5 different languages. Casino X doesn’t offer no deposit bonuses; however, it offers deposit bonuses up to $50 and 200 extra free spins.

Casino Secret

Casino Secret is by far, one of the most top-rated casinos with an average of 8.3/10 on various different review sites. This is most likely all down to the fact that it is one of the biggest international online casinos. Casino secret allows for players to choose from 7 different types of casino games ranging from slots to table games. There are a couple of downfalls in that their live chat support ins 24/7 and the casino only accepts players from a few countries, but other than that it is a fantastic site. When playing at this site, you won’t get your typical bonus, but will rather get a cashback bonus if you don’t win anything. Casino secret is available in 3 different languages, English, German, and Japanese and they have around 33 different game providers.


Kasmo, also known as Casumo, is one of the top rated Japanese online casinos with an average rating of around 8.5/10. This casino offers 8 different kinds of casinos games, including sports betting for those who want a bit of a change. Kasmo has approximately 24 different game providers including ELK studios and Play n Go. This casino supports 7 different languages including Japanese, English, Danish, and German and is particularly popular in the Scandinavian countries. They offer a variety of bonuses but the most popular is a cashback if you do not win anything back for a period of time.

Joy Casino

This casino is said to have a bit of a questionable rating with only around 6.5/10 average rating. Although, to contrast this, Joy casino offers around 14 different kinds of casino games that are available to the player which means there is something for everyone. The website itself supports up to 15 different languages including English, Japanese, and Spanish, among others. However, the customer support and live chat are only in 4 languages, English, Russian, Swedish, and Finnish. This casino doesn’t offer any no deposit bonuses, but does offer deposit bonuses up to $50 with extra spins.

Casino days

Yet another casino with a good reputation. This casino has an average rating of around 7.6/10. This casino offers around 11 different games for players to choose from, all of which come from around 68 different game providers. This casino supports English, Finnish, German, Japanese, and Norwegian. Casino days offers a $30 free bonus as well as a deposit bonus. 

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