Friday, September 29, 2023
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Best chrome Extensions for content Marketplace

Content marketing is a key component to the work you do marketing your ecommerce business. Yet, it’s not always easy to pull together topics or to handle all of the work that goes into researching and writing interesting content.  You could do the work yourself or turn to the Nuanced Media marketing team to get some comprehensive help and support.

Content Is a Key Component of Your Successful Marketing Strategy

All business owners need to publish content. Though there are many forms of it, this is the way to reach your customers, would-be customers, partners, and industry leaders. The process includes researching, creating, publishing, and distributing the content across various challenges to achieve the desired outcome.

There are tools that can help with the entire process. Chrome extensions are an ideal way to access many of these tools that can reduce the time investment in content development and marketing overall. Take a look at these valuable tools capable of transforming your content marketing methods right now.

#1: Save to Pocket

As you are browsing the internet, chances are good you’ll find pieces of information or content that’s interesting to you. You may realize that a video is perfect for your audience or you want to pull a statistic from an article you’ve read. Save to Pocket is a simple browser extension to use. Once in place, you just click on it. It will hold onto that information for you, allowing you to pull it back up quickly.

When you are writing a piece of content, then, you can pull up this information. It is very easy to navigate and offers good organization tools, too. For those creating a white paper or doing detailed research, this tool can reduce the amount of time you’re spending gathering and managing content.

#2: Ahrefs Toolbar

The Ahrefs toolbar is worth a look, too. This is a toolbar – which means it will run across the top of your Chrome screen. It provides you with easy access to some of the best Ahrefs tools to use while you are writing content. This includes things like reporting a broken link in your content. A small mistake like this could mean that your visitors never really make it to the pages you want them on. It’s super simple to use in this way.

You can also use this toolbar for other tasks such as finding opportunities to improve search engine optimization. In this way, it can help you see potential flaws or areas of opportunity in content that’s already published. Perhaps you have a piece that’s not performing for you. This tool can tell you a bit more about why. In short, it is doing a lot of work for you behind the scenes, saving you time.

#3: Grammarly

Here’s the bottom line. No matter how many A+ English papers you turned in during high school or how well you did on sentence mapping in college, one thing is for sure. Everyone makes mistakes. Typos happen. Even if you go back and read your work, you’ll still miss many of them simply because of the way your brain works (for most people, the brain skips right over the typo). Grammarly does a fantastic job of fixing this problem.

The tool will scan over your work as you are creating it. It pulls out errors from simple typos to sentences that are just too complex for the average reader to take in. Grammarly is also an outstanding way to learn a bit more about the way your audience takes in information. More so, it can make those changes for you automatically, eliminating the need to spend hours proofreading your work.

#4: Hunter

Here’s another unique Chrome extension perfect for content marketing. One of the most important strategies for content marketing success comes from building connections between content on your website and other sites. You also want to build links pointing from other sites to your own. That sounds easy enough – just content the website owner to ask to do a guest blog on their website.

The problem is finding the email address of that website owner isn’t always easy to do. Hunter makes that possible. IT can help you to track down those email addresses. It’s simple to use, often taking just a few seconds to get results.

#5: Soapbox by Wistia

Soapbox is quite an interesting tool. It lets you record your screen and your web camera at the same time. For some B2B companies, this can prove very helpful. This can allow you to communicate key bits of information with your clients. For example, you can use it as a way to show your customers how to use your app or how to make a purchase.

Soapbox is also an excellent tool for presentation creation. It allows you to easily capture what you want your customers or clients to see and learn without requiring a lot of tools or expensive software. Video is growing in importance when it comes to content creation. Soapbox just makes it easy for you to create it.

Are You Ready to Have a Professional Help You with Your Content?

While these tools can give you the access and insight you need in developing content, sometimes it is best to reach out to professionals who can help and guide you. With the Nuanced Media marketing team, you can get the support you need with all aspects of your ecommerce business marketing and growth. Contact us today to learn more. 

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