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Best Cities To Do Business In

Though you can set up your business anywhere, the location you choose matters. Your site will determine the type of customers that you will attract and whether they will be long-term or short-term prospects.

When you want to set up a business in the city, determine its business environment. Some towns may have an unfavourable business environment, and it will not be prudent to set up your company there. Also, you should know if you will readily access resources in the city that you want to set up the business. Lastly, consider the cost of operation of your business in the town and choose that city that will cost less for your activities. Below are some of the best cities that you can do business.

San Francisco

The city is in California. If you want to set up a business in a town that has a diverse culture, then choose San Francisco. San Francisco is situated in a bay and has beautiful weather. Many start-ups and entrepreneurs have set up their businesses in the city. 

Furthermore, if you set up a company in the city, you will get support from its local government. The provincial government in the city has set up an online portal that helps small enterprises to succeed. In 2017, the mayor of San Francisco set some funds aside to aid in the growth of the small businesses that are in the city.

The city has a population of 884,363, a 2.8% rate of employment, an 8.5% sales tax, and the state income tax of 13.3%. The city’s average cost for homes stands at $1,320,000. Though the area is ripe for your business, it has a high average home cost.


The city is in Texas. The town has a large population of 950,715 from which you can source labourers, a rate of 3.1%, an average home cost of $516,946, and a 6.9% rate of GDP rate. Besides, the city has no income tax and a tax on the sale of between 6.25-8.25%. 

If you desire to set up a business in a city that is full of art and scenes for music, choose Austin. Also, the city has affordable living costs and plenty of food. The city has a growing economy, which can encourage the growth of your business.


The city is in Minnesota. Though the area is famous for big companies, it has a conducive environment for your start-up to grow. The town hosts small businesses like bicycle stores, parlour for grooming pets with self-services, food trucks, and local breweries. You can bring your creative business ideas to the city.

The city has a relatively large population of 422,331, a rate of employment of 2.6%, a 2.2% rate of GDP growth, a sales tax of 8.2%, and a state income tax of between 5.35-9.85%. The average cost per home in the city is $ 259,000. You can readily source human resources from the city’s population and tap their skills.

San Jose

The city is in the middle of Silicon Valley. The town neighbours Facebook and Google, the tech giants. San Jose is among the best cities that you can start your small business. The city has a population of 1,035,317, a 2.8% rate of unemployment, a sales tax of 9.25%, and its average cost for a home is $1,025,000.


It is a city that is unique, and has a vast potential and a rich history. Setting up a business is easy and there are amenities that can enable you to achieve success and gain profits. Boston has the right people and location to allow your business to thrive. Make an effort and get your Boston office space today and start doing business.


The city is in Tennessee. You might set up your music company is this city as it is famous in the music industry. The city has people with friendly smiles, rolling hills, and a beautiful landscape. The town does not have any income tax, though its sales tax is very high. The city has a large population of 667,560 that can provide a ready market for your wares. Besides, it has a high rate of employment of 3.2%; thus, getting the workforce will not be hard. 

Decide on the city that will not only give you ease in resources access but also has a lower operational cost. Additionally, settle on a city that has a conducive environment for the growth of your business.

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