Best Code Vein Mods


Bandai Namco released Code Vein in September 2019. It was an anime-inspired, aesthetically pleasing take on From Software's Dark Souls. This is the perfect choice for those who enjoy intense gameplay and unforgiving stories, as well as fans of flashy effects and anime tropes. Below, you can read more about Best Code Vein Mods.

It has vampires, immortal beings and parasites. The vanilla edition offers many customization options and excellent graphics, but PC gamers are now more interested in customizing their gaming experience.

We have put together a complete list of the best Code Vein mods available for you to download.

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1. Performance and visuals have been improved

There are many graphic options that can be used to adjust the graphics to your liking, but Stoker25's is the best. This mod not only reduces the blurring effect the developers have chosen to include, but also improves the detail and sharpness of objects. The goal is to push Unreal Engine 4 to its limits. It makes vanilla games feel old-fashioned. It is recommended that you only use this option if the game's highest graphics settings are available. Otherwise, it could be quite taxing. This will also slow down loading times, so you might consider purchasing the Custom Loading screens.

2. Invisible Mask for Males and Females

Simple things are the best. This mod makes all masks in the game visible so that you can see your character's faces. This isn't a From Software game that makes everyone's face look horrible by default. This mod is an artistic work of art that allows you to live the anime experience. This mod is compatible with Invisible Inner Frame by NexusMods user Gatomiau. This mod is one of our top picks for Best Code Vein Mods.

3. E3FX Code Vein

This mod, described by its author Drogean as "adding next-generation effects to Code Vein," intends to update the game's handling of various effects, the most important of which is lighting. After installation, colors are richer and light behaves more naturally. It no longer shines as if it had an aura of brightness. This mod will also improve textures and the Bloom effect. It will also add Eye-adaptation mechanisms for indoor and outdoor movement. This mod is actually quite simple for such a complex mod. There are many fixes available for most issues.

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4. Colorable 2B Outfit

If you don't want to have the character's actual outfit in the game (it's definitely not lore-friendly), then Pling94 is the right mod for you. This mod can make your character look like 2B. You can also choose the color of your dress and leotard. This allows you to express yourself, while (maybe) replicating Soul Calibur VI’s 2P. This version does not have skirt cloth physics.

5.Playable 2B

The anime and gaming communities have had a profound impact upon Nier: Automata. Its intricate ideas, fantastic gameplay and, most importantly 2B's butt are some of the reasons why. It is only natural that 2B's ability to play was one of the first mods to get traction in Code Vein's modding community. Rathren's mod replaces YoRHa’s default female character in YoRHa’s battle android. It includes her mask and skirt cloth-physics. You can choose to wear the skirt or remove it to get 2B's leotard-clad appearance. If you want, you can also remove the eyepatch. You can make it your own gaming experience.

6.Fox Ears (Droopy and Pointy).

This mod allows you to unleash your inner kemonomimi in the character builder. You can now replace the vanilla cat ears and the ear mufflers with large, rich fox ears. These ears will be a proud accessory to any furry. The mod can be adjusted to suit your preferences by including both pointy ears and drooping ears. It also allows you to choose the personality that best suits your character. You just need to add some whiskers.

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7.Fluffy Tails Accessory

We can't live with anime without tails! Renpyon has made it possible to get rid of the vanilla Leopard Tail. This mod replaces the vanilla leopard tail with a fluffy fox tail. It has customizable colors and physics to emphasize its fluffiness. If you like this mod, I think you will love the next one.

8.Playable School Uniform

In an anime-style game, school uniforms are essential. Although Code Vein's default outfit looks like a school uniform it was not created by Pling94. This model is a part of AION Online, an MMORPG that values gameplay more than gameplay. It's quite pleasing to the eye. As you would expect, colors can be customized in any way that you like.