Best Colors for Logo Branding; Speaking Louder than Words.


Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colors to mark an impact. Colors have the power to influence the mind and souls. Moreover, they are a significant component to consider while designing a business logo. Building a brand identity is quite a task, and every step needs equal devotion. The color palette that you choose at this point will be conveying your brand's aim and the thought behind it. They enable you to make your customer see what you want them to notice. Just like selecting the right color can make you visible in the market, and choosing the wrong one will make you go unnoticed.

Importance of Color in for Branding:

Neutral Colors:

Black, white, brown, beige, and grey are neutral colors. Grey color symbolizes balance, and it is often paired with black as it is a symbol of sophistication and elegance. Black, white, and grey are opted by many leading brands like Nike, Channel, Puma, Cartoon Network, and Apple.

Combining Warm and Cool Colors for Branding:

Combining warm and cool colors is a terrific idea to enhance your logo. Just like the opposite attracts in real life, it also attracts in real life. Designing your brand identity using a combination of warm and cool colors is always effective. Let’s have a look at some.

12 Best Colors for Branding:

The personality of your logo is hindered in the color selection. The purpose of designing a logo is to tell your audience or customer who you are. Know that you don’t have to overdo much; less is more when it comes to color.

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Combining two colors is an industrial standard. Ideally, these colors should be contrasting. The psychology behind the colors will help you select the most appropriate ones. Here, we will present you the top 12 combinations (2 & 3) with sample logos.

2-Color Combination Logos:


·         Blue and Yellow:       

Being the ultimate attention grabber, yellow just needs a hint in the logo to make it look authoritative and youthful.


  • Black and Orange:

Black and orange interact effectively. Together they portray power and adventure.


  • Red and Blue:

Trust, passion, and drama combine to build such powerful logos. With love and strength combined, these two colors can power up your branding.

  • Red, Yellow, Blue, 

 A three-colored logo can be tricky compared to two colors, but it is not that hard to pin. Let’s have a look at 3-colored logos.

·         Purple

Purple is the color of magic, imagination, wisdom, creativity, and dignity. It is said to have a problem-solving nature and is often associates with mystery, romance, and luxury. It is best to be used in logos of educational institutions. It is a great luxury color to use for fashion and beauty brands. Here is a great beauty logo inspiration on Pinterest.

Besides these two or three color combination logos, the 12 best colors for branding are:

  1. Red & Blue.
  2. Blue & Teal.
  3. Orange & Yellow.
  4. Black & Orange.
  5. White & Green.
  6. Pink & Maroon.
  7. Blue & Yellow.
  8. Black & White.
  9. Red & Yellow.
  10. Orange & Green.
  11. Red & Orange.
  12. Pink & Blue.

What aspects to consider when branding and marketing your sides hustle or small business?

Whenever you are starting a business, you must know that you should focus on a few points. Any business does not become the top priority business in just a few weeks. You must make sure that you are focusing on how well your business does and how fast it is converting sales. But that also depends upon how well your branding strategy is. If you are working on your branding strategy and making it robust, you will eventually see the difference. But besides that, you will also have to make sure that you are creating a brand strategy that is foolproof and does not fail.

Focus on your competitor is as well

Sometimes your competitors might be doing a lot better than you. This is the way you will have to be a little smarter regarding what you should do and what you should opt for. There are a lot of strategies recording how you can compete with your competitors and how you can do better with your service. You just have to evaluate whether you are lacking and why people are choosing your competitors and not you. You will have to create a basic level of information that you must understand, and then you can go ahead with implementing these strategies. Once you understand and crack the code of the coming best among your competitors, you will eventually divert all the traffic towards your business.

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Final word

These are a few strategies that you must be using for your business. And you must also understand that branding and marketing actually matters a lot to you and your business. If you are using your branding strategies appropriately, you will be having better business results and more sales. The greatest the save that you get, the more profit you will be earning, which is a plus point.