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Best Data Science programs Certification online programs to do in 2021

Globally the importance of big data has become important in many industries. Many are using it to acquire valuable insights to stay ahead of the competition. Each industry has a huge amount of data that they don’t know what to do with it. The need for professionals in data science who have done data science certifications has grown immensely in all the industries because only they can understand the data well.

People who choose a career path in data science can prove their skills in big data platforms by doing big data certification programs through several learning institutions. If one wants to do data science certifications then there are several ways they can choose from.

In this article, let’s dive deeper and know the best data science certification online that are in high demand.

Oracle Business Intelligence Certification

Oracle offers Business Intelligence (BI) certification across many platforms such as Business Intelligence Applications 7 for CRM, Business Intelligence Applications 7 for ERP. This certification is meant for those professionals, who work in the Oracle Partner Network. There are no pre-requisites for this certification. This credential offers skills like installing OBIEE, developing BI dashboards, BI Server metadata repository, constructing ad-hoc queries, defining security settings, managing and configuring cache files.

EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certification

The EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certification evaluate the in-depth knowledge of a person in data analytics. The exam is especially designed to focus on the analyzing and exploring data with R, data analytics lifecycle, creating statistical models, choosing the right data visualization tools, and applying several analytic techniques, Data Science aspects like Natural Language Processing (NLP), random forests, logistic regression. There are no pre-requisites to take this big data certification program.

Cloudera certification

Cloudera offers Certified Professional (CCP) Data Engineer certification gives the registrants the knowledge to build autonomous, reliable, and scalable data pipelines that result in data sets optimized for several workloads. The test requires the registrants to complete the performance-based tasks with sample massive data sets and should first pass the Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst exam.

This is a very beneficial certification for data scientists who have abilities to build and design production environments. The exam is 4-hours long and has 5 to 10 performance-based series of customer issues that require to be solved with the help of the pre-configured Cloudera Enterprise cluster. The registrant is required to earn 70 percent or higher to qualify for the exam. After 3-years the CCP credentials expire.

Data Science Council of America (DASCA) certifications

DASCA is a professional firm, which provides industry standards best data science certification online. DASCA certifications are specially meant to fit specific job roles, which include market researchers and software engineers.

DASCA tests every single individual with the world's most robust generic data science knowledge framework. DASCA big data certification programs cover an end-to-end range of essential areas of knowledge.

Any data science professional across 183 countries can register for DASCA data science certifications programs and study from the most advanced Big Data learning material ever, developed around the DASCA-EKF™.

· Big Data Engineering Certifications

·  Big Data Analytics Certifications

· Data Scientist Certifications

Now let’s have a brief about the each big data certification program.

· Big Data Engineering Certifications

  • Associate Big Data Engineer (ABDE™)

This certification provides sound knowledge about several popular open-source development tools, which include HBase, Hive, Pig, and HiveQL. It is essential to pass a 75-question online test. This certification is meant for students who have done graduation in the fields of computer science, information technology, computer applications, and programming.

  • Senior Big Data Engineer (SBDE™)

This data engineer certification is a set-up from the associate certificate. This certification offers knowledge on all crucial proprietary platforms for big data engineers. It is a must to pass an 85-question online test to get this credential. This certification is meant for experienced professionals who are seeking ways to move into the big data space or want to grow quicker in their careers.

· Big Data Analytics Certifications

  • Associate Big Data Analyst (ABDA™)

This is specially meant for aspiring graduate students who have completed majors in business, management, economics, statistics, marketing, or allied disciplines, and who aim to pursue a data analytics career.

  • Senior Big Data Engineer (SBDE™)

This data analytics certificationis largely aimed at experienced analytics, research, and marketing professionals whose goal is to either shift into the big data field or for those professional individuals who are already working in the field of big data and wants to grow further in their prospective careers. 

·  Data Scientist Certifications

  • Senior Data Scientist (SDS™)

The SDS™ credential is a perfect proof that an individual has taken a massive step in mastering the field of data science. The skills and knowledge one can attain by doing this certification will set them ahead of the competition. This credential program has five tracks, which will appeal to various applicants — each track has different prerequisites in terms of degree-level, work experience and requirements to apply.

ABDE™, SBDE™, SDS™, PDS™ credentials exam duration is 100–minutes online exam. And a complete exam preparation kit will be offered by DASCA. These certifications from DASCA are available in 183 countries, and a complete test preparation kit will be given to every individual. The kit consists of principles, concepts, tools, techniques, and technologies of designing, developing, and applying analytics frameworks and utilities needed for thorough information management and decision making.

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