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Best Design Consultation Business Scheduling Software


With a fresh take on contemporary styles and designs, Design consultation is all about giving your clients a warm, comfortable and inspired spaces while highlighting your innovations. Nevertheless, the Home decor has always been an intriguing profession and has been in the limelight since long. Managing one such profession in a competitive market is a tough cookie.

You must have always been somehow wondering about how well you could develop your business and keep your work organized in order to win your customers hearts.

From maintaining your team at various locations that they work, organizing your daily designing tasks, approaching your customer's calls and messages, keeping the records and customer database to dealing with issues round the clock. It must be quite challenging for you to take the pressure all the way long and go on with your work.

Not anymore! We’ve got an intuitive tool to keep your work together and acts as a helping hand to keep you hassle-free.

Pick time is an online design consultation scheduling software with all the cool features mentioned below - check them out.

  1. Appointment Scheduling-

Answering hundreds of phone calls every day and replying to long emails kills your valuable time and peace of mind. Use your time efficiently by letting your customers book an appointment in your free hours. Sync your personal fav calendar? (google/outlook). Rescheduling and cancellations have been made easier like never before.

  1. Reminders-

Don't you ever worry about forgetting about your upcoming appointments? We’re always here to help you with that. Pick time automatically sends reminders to you/ your staff and your customers making your work a little less.

  1. Customer Database-

Stay in touch with all your customers for further marketing campaigns. Pick time saves all your customer details safely, to recheck whenever you can because it's easily accessible from any place with the web.

  1. Team Management-

Manage your team and assign them individual tasks right from your desk. You don't have to take the pain in reminding them about your upcoming appointments, just track their status by taking quick a glance at your dashboard at any time of the day.

  1. Create Your Own Website-

With pick time, you can create a business page of your own with a unique URL on our SME friendly platform. Also, integrate with Facebook by adding a book now widget to your FB page and make it easy for your customers to book appointments with just one click.

With pick time, everything is quite easy and simple. Like a frosting to your cupcake, this is a complete featured web-based software that comes with no hidden charges. Yes, you heard it right. Learn How To Make A Website Mobile-Friendly and secure your site to remove WordPress Malware

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Watch a major breakthrough in your business by using pick time, that efficiently does it's work to add a feather in your cap.

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