Best Dhatu Rog Medicine for Men in India


Dhat syndrome is generally seen in men in South Asian males. In this condition, males suffer from premature ejaculation, and they believe that they are passing semen during urination. This condition causes a lot of weakness, anxiety, and guilt in the patients. In this condition, semen flows out of the body whenever pressure is built in the lower abdomen, during urination, sensual thoughts, etc. A lot of conditions and factors combined can cause dhatu rog syndrome in men; such as medications related to testosterone increase, poor diet, excessive filling of bladder. Anxiety and stress are also major causes of dhat syndrome.

A lot of conditions and factors combined can cause dhatu rog syndrome in men- Buy Dhatu rog medicine for effective treatment

Medical counseling with a sexologist and Dhatu rog medicine can help patients deal with the syndrome and reduce its effects. In fact, a lot of online portals which are dealing with men’s sexual well-being are providing effective medicine for dhat syndrome.

Ohman is one such online portal, which looks after a man’s sexual well-being. The portal provides their patients with tested, effective and affordable medicine for Dhat. Patients can take online counseling sessions with the doctors or experts for a better insight into the further Dhat treatments. Some of the medicines and treatments require medical prescriptions from certified doctors, while we can buy others with no medical prescriptions.

Online Allopathic Dhatu Rog Medicine-

Ohman portal suggests Dhat treatment pack, to treat Dhatu Rog. The pack comes for 1,399 INR and lasts for 30 days. Moreover, the pack is extremely effective in increasing energy, improving mood, and reducing dhatu. The pack has an instruction card, health supplements, medicines, one ohman.
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The treatment requires a medical prescription from doctors before using it. And, best sexologist in India specially curated it for the patients who feel extremely lethargic and tired because of an involuntary flow of semen from the urethra.

Ohman portal suggests Dhat treatment pack, to treat Dhatu Rog

Causes, Symptoms, and Medicine for Dhatu rog-

Causes of dhat syndrome-

The main cause of Dhat syndrome is generally a disease related to the male reproductive system. Though, exact causes are still not clear to the doctors. Some of the problems which might cause dhat syndrome are as follows-

a) Poor diet

b) Excessive sex or masturbation

c) Weakness in nervous system

d) Dissatisfaction in sexual life

e) Thoughts affecting the sexual stumili

f) Disorders such as worms, skin boils, and piles

g) Weak digestive system and physical weakness

Above are some of the most common causes listed, which might cause the problem of Dhat syndrome in a man. A lot of other causes can also lead to dhat syndrome.

Symptoms of Dhat syndrome-

One should immediately consult a doctor if they see the symptoms of dhatu rog affecting them chronically as it might lead to a serious medical condition. In Dhat syndrome the symptoms might include chronic sexual exhaustion. Some symptoms which indicate dhat syndrome are as follows-

a) Flat penis

b) Severe back pain

c) Severe pain in testicles

d) Extreme sweating or cold chills at night

e) Itchy and burning sensations in genital area

f) Involuntary discharge of semen

g) Sudden loss in appetite

Medicine of Dhatu Rog-

Medical counseling related to anti-depression, anxiety, and antidepressants can help control dhat syndrome. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy helps a lot of patients with Dhat syndrome. Some of the changes in personal lifestyle can also help patients dealing with a syndrome which are as follows-

a) Having balanced diet

b) Quitting smoking

c) Immediately stopping unprotected sex

d) Cleaning genital areas regularly

e) Practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness on regular basis


Dhat rog or dhat syndrome is a common disease that a lot of south Asian males suffer from. This causes a lot of shame, pressure, guilt, stress, and anxiety in men, because of involuntary semen flow from urethra. Being calm along with proper medications can help people from Dhat syndrome. One can take help from the online portals which provide effective, and affordable solutions to dhat syndrome.

Ohman’s portal, which is looking after the sexual well-being of males, provides males with treatments that are proven with no side effects. They are highly confidential and careful with the personal details of the patients. And, have a record of delivering the Dhatu rog medicines in an extremely discrete manner. A lot of men have found effective solutions to their sexual problems by using Ohman’s online portal.


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