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Best Different Ways To Recover Your Google Account

You are looking for an important file or some great pictures of your vacations to Europe, but all of that is in the Google account that you do not use anymore; Sounds familiar, right! Google accounts hold more of our digital life than any other service provider all over the world. It takes care of almost all the services we need to make the digital experience smooth and hustle free- Google drives to save and share files, G-mail for mailing, Google docs to print and share data, and so on. But with the added convenience, comes the inconvenience of recovering them from time to time, in case you forget the sign-in details. Also, the user accounts get hacked or deleted due to subdued use and overcrowded spam messages. In all these scenarios, what can you possibly do to recover the files that you are looking for? In this article, we will guide you through the various ways for your Google account recovery using phone calls, texts, or other Google accounts. One crucial fact to remember before we start is that Google accounts are retrieved through the retrieval of corresponding Gmail accounts.

Google account recovery when you have forgotten your Gmail address

Sometimes you may forget what you are looking for- the Gmail address! To retrieve your Gmail address, follow these simple steps-

  1. Search for “” in your browser. It will prompt the page, which lets you sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. Select the “Forget email” option. It will open a new page on your screen that will ask you to enter the phone number or the recovery email that is associated with the account that you are trying to open. After providing the details, choose “next.”
  3. Now you will need to type the first and the last name of the person associated with the account. Click on “next.”
  4. Depending on your choice in the second step, Google will send you a verification code to the phone number or email.
  5. Enter the code, and it will show you the intended Gmail address. Click on it.
  6. Now you will need to enter the password of the account and click “next.” If you do not remember the password, then head over to the Google account password recovery section of this article.
  7. After entering the password, click on “next,” and you will be able to access your Google account.

Google account password recovery

Unlike the Gmail address recovery, you will have a lot of options to recover your password- seven to be exact. But you will need to know your Gmail address first. So, if you do not know it, then go through the “Google account recovery when you have forgotten your Gmail address” section first. Now follow these Google account password recovery steps-

  1. Go to the “” page and enter the Gmail address of whose, you have forgotten the password.
  2. Now, on the next prompt, click on the “forgot password” option, just below the space.
  3. You will be asked to type a previous password of the account. Click on “next” and follow the prompts to set a new password for your Gmail account. But what if you do not remember any previous password?
  4. In case you do not remember your previous password, then select “try a different question” on the last step. It will give you an option to perform Google account password recovery through a device where the account is already logged in.
  5. If you have access to the device mentioned in the previous step, then click on “send the prompt.” You will get a message on the device saying, “Trying to sign in from another computer?” Press on “Yes.”
  6. On your computer, a new page will appear to reset and confirm your password for your account.
  7. Choose a strong password and then complete the Google account recovery process.

What if you do not have access to the device mentioned in step 4? In such a scenario, click on “try a different question” on that page and follow these steps to perform Gmail password recovery via SMS-

  1. Google will want to verify your authenticity by sending a verification code to your registered phone number via a text or a call. If you are still using that registered phone number, then go for either Google account recovery phone call or SMS.
  2. According to your choice in step 1, a verification code will be sent to you in your Google account recovery phone number. Enter this code in the given space of your screen and click on “next.”
  3. You will be prompted to choose a new password and confirm it to complete the Google account password recovery process.

If you do not have access to the registered phone number, click on the “try a different question” on step 1 of the previous section. Follow these steps in case the Google account recovery phone number is lost-

  1. This time, Google will want to send a verification code to your recovery email address for Google account recovery. If you can access this mail, then opt for this one.
  2. Select the “send verification code” option on the pop-up window. Google will send you the code in that mail.
  3. Type this code in the provided space of the prompt message.
  4. It will allow you to choose your new password and confirm it for the Google account.
  5. Click on next for the completion of Google account password recovery.

Google account recovery through security questions

You were asked to answer some security questions when you created your account. This option will use those same questions for your Google account password recovery. In the first step of the last section, click on “try a different question” to avail this option and follow these steps-

  1. Google will show you the security questions that you answered during the account creation.
  2. Answer the questions as accurately as possible, and it will let you confirm a new password for your account and recover it.

In case you have forgotten the answers to the security questions, choose the “try a different question” option. It is the second last option you have to perform the Google account password recovery action.

  1. The prompted window will ask you to enter the creation month and year of your account. You can confirm it from Google’s welcome message or the messages you have sent to your colleagues or friends.
  2. Next, you will need to provide the Google account recovery date of birth that you registered.
  3. The correct information will let you recover your Google account password.

If the Gmail password recovery via SMS or text or security questions fails, then the last option for Google account recovery is to provide an email address where you will be able to receive the verification code and reset the password for your account. Also, visit here for Cheap dedicated hosting.

Recover deleted Gmail account

You can recover the deleted Gmail account after two business days of acting. After that, it becomes quite hard to retrieve it. Follow these steps to recover deleted Gmail account-

  • Go to “” Click on the “Need help” option on the right bottom corner of the prompted window.
  • It will pop up three options on your screen. Choose “I am having other problems in sign in” and enter your deleted email address in the provided space and click on “continue.”
  • Enter your last password of the deleted Gmail account and press “continue.”
  • The next window will tell you how many days ago, your Gmail was deleted and also provide the option to enter Google account recovery phone number to send the verification code.
  • Enter the code on the next page and continue.
  • Enter a new password, preferably an unused one and confirm the same.
  • Click on the “reset password” option, and it will send you the link to your recovered Gmail account.

All of the processes mentioned above are very easy to perform the Google account recovery process. But if you are not confident about your abilities to perform the tasks, then you can opt for a phone number to recover Google account calls to the tech experts for the same. For example, the Google account recovery Phone number USA  is quite helpful in this aspect.

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