Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Best Drive Image and Backup for Windows OS | R-DriveImage Review

Windows is an innovative operating system but we cannot hide from the shortcomings of it. The company allowed third-party developers to come up with a widerange of solutions and that’s where R-Drive Image shines. It is a powerful tool that is designed for individuals and corporate companies. We are going to take a look at R-Drive Image and conclude, whether it is worth looking at for move on.

What is R-Drive Image?

If you have come across R-Drive Image for the firsttime, then you may not know about it completely. R-Drive Image is a Windows program that allows the system administrators to copy, store, move, and backup files from one disk to another disk.

If you are a corporate company connected with computers via network technology, then it would take one-click to transfer all files to another machine. We are going to check out the features and understand how they work, and conclude if it is worth trying.

1. Create ISO Images

The program has an advanced feature, where you can create ISO files of the drive and use it later on. Many system administrators prefer to create backup files once in a week and if something goes wrong all the way, then they restore it immediately. The solution will analyze the existing partitions, disk, and removable storage devices in the machine, and you can select it manually. It takes one-click to create an ISO file of the entire drive and then uses it later for restoration.

Don’t get confused because all partitions & drives are listed in the same column. We have installed Windows 10 based on the GPT file system, so everything will appear in green. You can differentiate the file system by the colors, and that’s a hand feature.

2. Startup Disk Creation

Startup disk creation is an advanced feature that will allow the system administrators to copy the entire disk. If you have purchased a new SSD, HDD, or storage device and want to move the operating system to another storage device, then startup disk creation is a handy tool. Administrators can create an ISO file of the entire C: partition and move it to another location. It is a life savior for computer users, who have a risk of losing data somewhere down the line.

3. Supported File System

R-Drive Image is software and it is dealing with storage devices. There are several types of storage devices in the market and they come in different file systems.R-Drive Image solution developed to recognize different types of file systems like FAT, exFAT (Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 FS), MBR, GPT, UFS1, UFS2, and more.

Many professionals operate the business on Linux-based computers and that’s whenfile system support matters a lot, and it supports FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and Solaris. Customers can create backups or create ISO files from Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Elementary OS, and other operating system created drives.

4. Scheduler

Modern technology is designed for automation, so you can focus on what’s important in life. You no longer have to put a date in the note to create a backup of the drive or partition. System administrators can schedule it in the program and it will create a backup of the selected drive or partition from time-to-time. Do not worry about the confusing advanced options because it is simplified by the developers and take at least 10 minutes to understand the interface.

5. Copy

Do you want to create a copy of the existing disk to another disk? Now, you can do it with an R-Drive Image, where it enables the computer administrator to copy the disk to another disk. Most of the professionals have difficulties to fix a certain problem, so they create a copy of the disk and restore it when things don’t go as planned.

Note: Your CPU + RAM + background tasks play a major role in program action speed. Do not blame the program, if it is working slowly because your machine is filled with junk and have low-end specifications.

Try R-Drive Image for free

Bottom Line

R-Drive Image is available free to download and try it for 30-days without adding Credit Card details or paying upfront. The 30-days trial version has limitations, but it is a complimentary edition to test the features. You can purchase the license starting at $44.95 and it goes all the way up to $399 for premium functions. Let us know what do you think about the R-Drive Image in the comment section below.

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