Best exercises to increase vertical jump - exercises without weights


In this article, we are going to teach you in a practical way how to increase vertical jump, especially for those who are beginners and have the objective of improving vertical jump quickly without having to attend a fitness room to train with weights. Ideally, weight training should be combined with plyometric: a type of training that helps us to be faster and more powerful. If you are a novice basketball player and want to learn the secrets of vertical jumps, this article is for you.

Vertical jump technique is important

Just like having powerful legs to perform a good vertical jump, having a good technique is also important. This has been a “Mantra” for those world famous players, who performed the highest vertical jump in basketball.  The best advice there is to improve your technique is: Jump, jump and jump more. It seems simple right? Unlike other sports, jumping in basketball is not the same. Yes, increasing the vertical jump also improves your power for horizontal jumps. We will not always be focused on executing the perfect jump when we are playing a basketball game, since more elements intervene in that sport. Therefore, we must automate our jumping technique well.

Important exercises to improve vertical jump

It is important to clarify that these exercises are not performed in the same jump training session. The supervision of a personal trainer is necessary to know how to adapt these sessions individually.

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·         Step up jumps – This exercise helps us gain power in the quadriceps.

·         Box jumps – Depending on the height of the box, we will do it with more or less intensity.

·         Squat jumps – It is the most similar to a vertical jump in static.

·         Tuck jumps – It has the objective similar to the box jump to one leg.

·         Lunge jumps – This exercise helps us to improve coordination when jumping, alternating legs and balance.

·         Depth jumps – You will perform it from a low height between 20 and 40 cm with very few repetitions.

Simulate real situations and visualize the jump

Your friends can pass a ball a little high so that you have to jump by throwing your arms up at maximum power to catch or hit the ball. You can set yourself goals like touching the basketball court board, roofs, etc. You must select your shoes according to the position in which you play. If you are an outdoor player we recommend low cut ones. These will allow you to make those sudden changes of direction without any discomfort. On a psychological level you will try to jump more when you have an object that you want to reach. Practice your jumping movement in a static and dynamic way. This way you can determine if you are improving more in one type of jump or another.

Get mentally ready before jumping, take a pause of 40 seconds between jumps. Think and analyze the steps and technique: how better can you do this next time. Recover and jump again. Sometimes, you get stuck due to over practicing. You cannot calculate and analyze the technique. As a result, you jump in time but don't hit the ball. Therefore, it is important to record your moves on video to analyze your technique, compare it with the highest vertical jump NBA and adapt it to your style.