Best Fashion Places in Milan: Feel Better About Your Look


Do you have some information about Milan? Of course, this is a popular fashion capital. It is full of noisy and elegant people who gather together for a fashion weeks, performances, and interviews. Traditionally, Milan’s visitors, who come here for a Fashion week and other performances don’t know the city to the full. They simply have no time to walk and enjoy the environment. Do you know that Milan is full of fashion places, and they have nothing in common with fashion shows? You should simply rent a car in Milan from Malpensa car rental office and feel free to drive over the city. Here is a list of worthy places, including shops and restaurants that make you feel stylish. So, don’t worry if you’ve been late for a Fashion week. You still have a chance to feel a glamorous lady.




This can be one of your favorite places in Milan. Ceresio started its work a couple of years ago to be the most atmospheric space, especially in summer. It is rather crowded here during the fashion month. Models, designers, showmen come here for lunch and dinner. Look! There is a summer terrace over here. It is often used for cocktail parties and coffee. They serve tasty food and have a big number of drinks to relax.

Dinner plate for $20

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El Porteno

El Porteno is a restaurant of Argentine cuisine that serves original and interesting dishes. This is a hot place in the city. It is said that you can find the best Argentine dishes only here. This is the best that Milan has to offer. You should try empanadas for start! That’s out of the question!

Steak for $30

Corso Como

Corso is a book shop, coffee bar, small restaurant, and shop – all in one. The atmosphere is impressive. You will ask about $6 for your cappuccino and $15 for a sweet tooth. This is also a place to buy a book and read it right here at the cafe. You can meet people who are stylish, popular, who love arts and quality. By the way, the coffee is aromatic here!

Cappuccino for $6

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Invited for a party? The most popular party place is Byblos. You feel like in New York basement club here: little space, low ceiling, men in costumes and women in beautiful dresses and high heels. The music is not very modern, but deep and intimate. You feel like you can dance till morning! Besides, this is a popular place for celebrities, popular actors and designers. The prices for snacks are not cheap, but you can lower the entrance price if your name would be in a guest list.

Drinks start from $20

Golden Quarter

Want to know which place is considered to be the most popular trade district in Milan? It’s Golden Quarter! It consists of two main streets - della Spiga and Monte Montenapoleone that are connected with each other. You should come here to buy the most prestigious and stylish clothes. Such popular brands as Chanel, Armani are often met. This is a place of luxury cars, elite restaurants, and famous people.

Prices are high.

Milan - Via della Spiga (Shopping)


D&G Bar

You can feel a friendly atmosphere here. Of course, it is a kind of elegant place where you can get some drink and meet well-dressed people. This is not a good place for family dinner, but perfect for meeting new friends and drinks.

Drinks for $20


Meet the most luxury place in Milan! This shopping mall is placed near Duomo Milano. It offers high class local brands. Have you ever heard about La Perla, Pinko and others? They are represented in the fashion boutiques in the shopping mall. Traditionally, there is a cozy bar and restaurant on the roof floor. The city views are amazing! You can hardly find a place better to come for coffee with your friends.

Coffee drinks for $4



Cafe Richmond

This place is a new one in the city. You are welcome here for dinner. Actually, it is a good restaurant, bar, and night club. The place is elegant and really stylish. The food is tasty and the local entertainments are bright and funny. Of course, this is not the funniest club in Milan, but good one. Also, this is a fashion place, where people come to see and be seen.

Main course for $30


This is a unique mix of a bar, restaurant, and night club altogether. The dishes are tasty and the prices are surprisingly adequate. There are many cheap drinks and super-duper music. Come, it is really funny here. It is better to come for dinner. If you want to dance, come at 10 p.m.

Drinks for $10

These are places that can help you to look and feel stylish in Milan. What make people stylish? It’s not only about your brand clothes and accessories. It’s rather about places you visit, restaurants, clubs, boutiques and shopping malls. Remember, you’d better to look nice as you can meet celebrities face to face whenever and wherever you are. Good luck in Milan!