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What are the Best Games to Increase IQ, Focus and Memory?

What are the Best Games to Increase IQ, Focus and Memory?

The present modern world in which we are living. It is quite reasonable for almost everyone to have a laptop, as well as a phone or tablet. So, whenever one feels he/she can turn it on and can play a game on it. There are many games available for its users. One of which includes games which increase IQ, can make you focus on the things more accurately and likewise sharpen your memory. 

There is still a debate among many people that some intelligence games help one to raise their IQ. While others believe that they are just game, you play because you enjoy them. There are no such other benefits of playing these games.

There are many games, which enables you to think smarter such as rummy, cash games, and many others. So, we will discuss in this article further if such games exist and what are these.

What are the Best Games to Increase IQ, Focus and Memory?
  1. Puzzles and Riddles 

Let’s start our conversation with the most basics. Puzzles and riddles are one of them. They enable you to take decisions by logically thinking. They provide little exercises for the brain. Because you believe rationally while solving a puzzle or a riddle. Riddles likewise enables you to think deeply and in strategize way. Which is also really good for the brain.


Similar to the puzzles game. Dakim also provides you to play games which is also a good option for a brain workout. It offers its users several games and puzzles to choose from it. It lets the brain to involve ultimately and allows your mind to exercise a little. They include kind of mental tasks.

  1.  Memory Games 

For increasing your IQ level or memories, there are memory games available for you. The mind plays a significant role in your brain, and a brain has to do a lot with memory. So, there are many such intelligence games available for you. 

A great example is of matching games. Where you have to match items with their images. Research has shown people playing such games have better IQ as compared to those who do not play such games. 

  1. Video Games 

Don’t be surprised by this fact. Videos games are also one thing which enables you to increase your intelligence at a higher rate. There are many games available for kids as well as for adults. They are specially designed for educational purposes. 

They significantly improve the mental abilities of a person, increases their concentration level, and enables them to focus on the things. It Enhances the brains’ memories. They can also adapt problem-solving skill in them.

Now the question that arises here is, how these games are best for IQ, memory, or focus. They have several benefits. One of the main is they contribute to the development and enrichment of cognitive abilities. There are some of them.

  • Increased Attention Level

Attention level may increase many times while playing such games. It lets you take quick decisions. Due to which chances of making second decisions may reduce. The person feels more focused and attentive. All in all, it enhances the attention level.

  • Increased Control and Flexibility 

With the help of such games. You will be able to adapt multitasking skills in you. It most probably happens when you play video games. It is because you have to control many things at the same time. Such as handling joystick, or a console and the action happens on the screen. 

Your attention is divided among many things, and you have to control them all at the same time. This way, you become more flexible.

  • Improved Memory 

Almost everyone wants to have a good memory. You love to remember small things which matters to you, but this can only happen if you have a great memory. Memory games are excellent for training. 

They can help you think in a focused way as well as helpful for cognitive ability. So, playing such games can be a good option if you want a good memory and reasoning. Playing these kinds of games is a good idea for kids as well as adults so that they will have sharp minds.


This article will take you through some of the mind-blowing games. Which will enable you to increase your IQ level? Makes you more focused and sharpen your memories. Playing such games for kids and well as young children can be a good option.

It let them enhance cognitive abilities in them. It also increases their attention level. Learn how to control multi things at a time. Moreover, how to be flexible with the situation. It also built-in them logical reasoning power and make them mentally healthy. So, playing such games is a good idea, but misusing them can be not a good option.

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