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Best Giveaways to attract visitors to your Expo Stand

Free giveaways are a great incentive that attract visitors to your expo stand, but which are the ones that people cannot resist? We will run through few of the top performers and share with you why they work – with this knowledge you can further focus your efforts on find tuning your brand graphics so they you can make your giveaway as memorable as possible. One of the primary purposes of giveaways is to trigger a memorable moment so your visitors will remember your business whenever it comes up.  

Giftbags with Merchandise

Giftbags are super popular as customers won’t specifically know what they are getting, but it is the surprise that attracts them because no matter what, they will be getting a bag full of goodies for them to take away. The contents of this bag are really up to you, but we can suggest including items that compliment your business so it then becomes relatable – on top you could also make sure your branding is incorporated as effectively as possible as this is your opportunity to connect with your customers memory. The idea with merchandise is to activate a customers experience with your brand, so next time they remember to purchase from you rather than your competitor. 


Consumables are items which you can consume, these include water, sanitizers, confectionary etc. Why these attract visitors is because of they are items that can be used every day, it is part of a persons daily basic requirements. From the visitor’s point of view, they would have to purchase those items anyway, so why not get them for free on the spot. Confectionary will attract the sweet tooths and also acts as an energy boost from its sugary content, attending exhibitions does take a lot of energy so the sugar hit can help direct a customers focus on you.  

Coffee and Snacks

Coffee and snacks go hand in hand, it can also be considered as a person’s essential daily requirements, coffee can help increase a customers attention span and snacks just works with coffee to complete a tasty experience. This encourages customers to relax and stick around to converse with you which gives you a chance to conveniently talk about your business and how it may benefit them.  

Food and Drinks

Visiting an expo can be very tiring, on average people spend 4-5 hours and as you could image that is a lot of standing and walking around. Offering your customers food and drinks will give them a chance to take a break and refuel, it makes it even more convenient when you offer these them from you expo stand as they won’t need to let their hunger suffer any further by walking to the nearest food stall etc. Your customers will be grateful and it most likely will encourage them to find out more about your business in return for your generosity, you never know they could feel generous also.

Branded Tech

Tech devices has been super popular as there will always be a use for them, these come in the form of hard drives, power banks and USBs. Why these are effective is because they actually do get utilized often and this means more brand exposure you will get each time a customer uses one of your brand tech. The important thing here is to make sure you create engaging graphics that makes these items visually appealing which in turn encourages your customer to use it more when ever it is required. 


With the right giveaway material, you can increase foot traffic to your booth and make the most out of your event. If you haven’t already, we suggest for you to give one of the above and see how it performs, it is about testing different things so you can make a call to see if it is something you should expand on. Without testing you will never know, therefore find out what which of the above you can fit into your budget and give it a go. 

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