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Best Irish Essay Writing Tips: How to Create Your Winning Essay in 2019

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Essay writing is one of those parts of life you cannot escape. Students are faced with having to write an Irish essay and most of the time it consists of a lot of work. There are moments when writing an essay is easy. This is not the norm though. Depending on the topic you are covering and your knowledge on that topic, it could go either way. Being prepared and planning ahead is a fundamental rule if you want to write a winning essay. Here are some more tips to help you achieve your goals.


One of the best tips for essay writing is to create an outline. Before you start writing, draw up an outline of what you want in your essay. This is just going to be a guide to help you stay on track. You can highlight all of the important sections you want to include and in which order. Without an outline, it is easy to jump between irrelevant points.


A lot of research goes into an essay and you cannot just wing it. It takes a lot of time before you even put any words on paper. Make sure you know and use the benefits of computer. There’s a lot of information online, but you cannot trust and use it all. Find credible sources you can trust. You can also use academic sources if you are writing an essay for school. These are some of the most credible sources of information.

Draft 1

It is safe to say that the first draft never the best. There are some small mistakes that might need some correcting. Just keep in mind that your first draft is not your final draft and you should be good. Put in the effort to make it as close to the final draft as you can, but don’t beat yourself up if you decide to throw the whole paper out and start over. Professional writers do this all the time and with good reason.


When you do your outline, make sure to pay attention to the flow of the essay. An aphoristic essay requires one point to effortlessly flow into the other. This is what makes for good reading. Keep in mind that the reader does not have the background knowledge that you have. All they read is what you put down on paper. Make sure that there is a flow, almost like telling a story. This makes for a better read and also helps to keep the reader engaged.

Final Tips on Irish Essay Writing

Always remember to proofread and edit your essays. If you feel that you are too attached to your own writing, ask a friend to help read over your work. Proofreading and editing is a crucial part of writing winning essays. Make sure there is structure to your writing. These tips will help you write an essay that is engaging and filled with valuable information. Do as much research as you can and read various sources. There will be some contradicting points on these sources, but it is part of the research process to determine which ones are valid. Only include facts that have been proven to be true.

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