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Best Jobs for International Students in the USA

There’s a significant number of international students in the USA. Many of them take jobs while studying to help pay bills, fund their hobbies and leisure activities, some useful services for a study and to generally increase their budget in college. In case you are wondering if international students can find work in the USA, they can, and below is an array of job opportunities available.

Work at the university

Most universities in the USA provide paying jobs for international students. Sometimes, as per regulations, the university is the only place international students can work at. Most of these opportunities are listed on the students’ portals. There are jobs like library assistants, curricular training programs, and opportunities in the students’ union.  Being the institution that you are studying at, a flexible work schedule is tailored for you so that study time is not affected.


Computer centers

Most computer centers have a high turn over of staff and are constantly looking for extra help. They are a great place for international students to work. These are not so demanding and one is able to balance their work and study time quite well. Many of these centers are strategically placed around campuses as they tend mostly to students. For this reason, a working international student will not have to travel far from campus or where they reside for the job.


Cafeterias, bars and restaurants are always invariably looking for help. It is therefore an area that an international student can find a job with relative ease. Depending on the skills that you can demonstrate, you can work as a waiter, a porter in the kitchen or as the bar attendant. Most of the cafeterias that look to hire international students do not require high skill levels and offer some on the job training sessions. The biggest challenge with working at a cafeteria is the rigid time schedule because most help is needed at mealtimes. However, if your study schedule allows, it is among the best job for international students. You will learn a lot of interpersonal skills and meet new people who will likely become friends. You can find more about New York jobs here.


Apply for internships

If you are not interested in the menial labor jobs, you can apply for an internship in your preferred field of study.  It is worth noting that the internship does not always have to pay; at least many of them do not start as paying internships. This will help kickstart your career trajectory early and provides a better opportunity, even for international students to land a permanent job opportunity. To help facilitate this, ensure that your resume is impeccable. Request ResumeThatWorks to assist you in writing the best resume to give you the best chance at this.

Customer service-related jobs

There is no shortage of customer-related campaigns and promotions for brands in the USA. These are one of the best opportunities for international students because many offer the chance to work part-time. There is a wide range of companies that hire international students and provide many opportunities to choose from such as call centers, product awareness and promotion, customer sensitization, and surveys. Choose an opportunity that aligns with your study timetable so that you do not have them conflicting and missing on either. Customer service-related job opportunities are a great way for first-time job seekers to start learning the dynamics of the corporate world demands.



In case the payment is not primary on your list, international students can fill their free time with volunteering. This is one of the greatest ways of staying engaged and giving back to society. There are numerous charities and good causes to be part of. Some of them are even endorsed by the university and their listings and details can be found on the university’s website. Besides giving back, through volunteering you get to network and this could eventually lead to an actual monetized opportunity. There are companies that also specifically offer part-time jobs for international students in the USA for volunteers and this can earn you much-needed experience and build on your resume.

Summer jobs

In the event that your study schedule does not accommodate having a part-time job, you can choose to take a summer job. Depending on if your student visa allows, you have the chance to work full time for the period of time that you are on summer break. Some places are even gracious enough to take you on every time you have a school break if your work is excellent. If you still want to be able to enjoy the summer break, you still can work part-time. Jobs like pool cleaning, car wash, beach services, and even tour guides are great options for jobs that hire international students in summer times. Job searching is not easy. When you decide that you want to work as you study, it is best to start the search early. Be consistent and persistent in the search and soon enough something will turn up. Please note that not all opportunities will be suitable for you. Be diligent in selecting the best fit for yourself so that you do not compromise on your study time. Ensure that you follow the guidelines in place so that your student visa is not revoked.

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