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Best Meeting Scheduling Software 2019

Professional life comes with a lot of stress to deal with- right from handling your office work, managing your team, hiring new candidates, calling up for board meetings, what not?

And when it comes to board meetings or staff meetings, it’s a challenging task for you to fix a time that’s flexible for everyone. It almost takes up a day to contact your team for checking on their availability or responding to them through email threads draining out all your energy by the end of the day. In that chaos, you may sometimes end up with accidental double bookings with frustrating back and forth emails.

Rev up your productivity and save your valuable time by using the best meeting scheduling software available on the internet.

Pick time is a free web-based meeting scheduling software, that's completely user-friendly and flexible for everyone to use.

Just sync your favorite calendar and let your team check the availability with their devices from any time, anywhere. Get as tedious as you can with scheduling your meetings by signing up with Pick time. Say goodbye to accustomed methods of making space for hours of phone conversations or broadcasting messages to your team.

Pick time is embedded with all the excellent features that are especially adaptable for scheduling hassle-free meetings with ease and comfort.

You would definitely enjoy these features on Pick time-

  1. Booking Calendar-

Sync with your favorite calendar(google/outlook) for scheduling your events according to the availability of your free time or dates. All your team members can take a quick glance at your calendar and set themselves free for the upcoming meetings. The drag and drop option can let you easily adjust your events whenever you have to.

2. Automatic Reminders- 

You don't have to take the pain of reminding your team about the upcoming meetings. All you have to do is just fix it so that you and your team can receive automatic reminders when the actual time arrives.

3. Online Scheduling-

With the ushering usage of the internet, online scheduling has made it effortless for professionals. It is an easy way to maintain your team, schedule meetings, and sometimes cancel/ reschedule, even in the last minute without any mess.

4. Customized Booking Page-

Pick time will allow you to fully customize productivity your booking page. All you have to do is set up your availability by syncing your calendar for various meetings and send that link to your clients. All it takes is a couple of clicks and your meeting is all set.

5. Recurring Bookings-

Pick time has the ability to save all your important meeting types and recur them every week/month without your effort. Keeping it simple is all that pick time blesses you with.

6. Records are safe and secure-

Pick time assures you safe storage of all your client details and you can recheck them anytime you need. Once your clients update their details on your business page, they are automatically stored securely.

Whether its a regular meeting or an emergency one, no matter how many of your team members have to be added. Pick time is there as a handy tool for you to fix meetings with your clients or team, whenever and wherever you want.

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