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7 Best Mobile Game App Development Tools

In today’s mobile era, the mobile game has become a profitable industry. Recently, Statista has made a survey and has published a report mentioning “Revenue in the Mobile Games segment amounts to US$42,192m in 2018”. So, this is easily understandable why investing in interesting and innovative mobile games is a great idea in the iOS and Android app development industry.

However, if you are new in this mobile game development sector, it might become a bit hard to decide where to start, which resources and tools and mobile game development software to use! Here is a list of some simple and easy-to-use mobile game app development tools that will help to make your game development idea into a reality.


The most successful mobile games offer fully immersive experiences including visual experience, graphics, audio and so on. Wwise is a great “interactive sound engine empowering” tool to insert topnotch quality audio in a mobile game. Does not matter what type of game you are building, good quality sound always enhances the gaming experience for the players and this tool is definitely going to be a big help to the iOS and Android mobile game app developers.

Construct 2

Want to develop a 2D game for both iOS and Android platform? Construct 2 will be a great choice then. More interestingly, the game built on this tool will seamlessly run on the desktop as well as on the web with the help of HTML5. Using this tool will help you to target a wide range of players. Let’s check out some cool features offered by Construct 2.

  • Easy drag and drop interface.
  • Easy to add interactions and behaviours bringing life to the game.
  • You can preview the game on any browser without compiling. This will help you to get feedback on the performance of the game in real-time.
  • Also, you will get valuable insights on various adjustments and changes that you have to make before settling on the final gameplay.


Another popular mobile game development tool for beginners is Playir. To develop a 3D game, this tool is very useful. Some of the remarkable features of it are

  • Easy drag and drop interface.
  • Offers pre-existing graphics and templates that you can use.
  • Provides 3D animators to take the game to a different level.

Substance Designer

To bring the realistic feel in your game, you need to work on the texture of the design and to do this, Substance Designer will help you out. You can instantly create a bulk amount of materials and can easily produce both MDL Materials and Substance textures that enhance the realistic touch. More interestingly, it offers a great flexibility in the entire game development process including allowing to export the textures effortlessly to any game renderer or engine.

Fusion 2.5

This tool is extremely handy for the fresher mobile game developers. Creating an event-based 2D mobile game has never been this much easy! What does it offer? Read on.

  • It offers a big pre-made graphics library. You can easily insert the graphic from it into the game. Thus, you can save the time-consuming design process.
  • This platform has a free edition version. Hence, before investing money on the actual game development process, you can simply check how your idea looks in the form of a mobile game using the free version.

GameMaker Studio

YoYo Games has made this wonderful 2D game development tool that becomes a great help to a game developer from the starting phase to becoming an expert. Whether you want to create a robust multiplayer or single-player gaming experience, GameMaker Studio will be a great help. Interesting features offered by it are

  • Easy drag and drop option for the new game developers. It also offers the scope to the experts for writing codes for the game from the scratch.
  • You can write codes in GML, a C-based programming language offered by GameMaker.
  • Offers support for in-app purchases, different types of user engagement tools along with real-time analytics.


With the efficient help of this tool, developers can easily bring a game developed in HTML to the mobile. You do not have to compromise with the game app performance and graphics.

Other than all the aforementioned tools, you can also check the following tools.

> Marmalade

> GameSparks

> Helix

> StingRay

> Viber

Well, if you are in a need of a programmer, who can help to develop an interesting and user-engaging mobile game, reach the efficient mobile app development team of GetAProgrammer that is a renowned name in the landscape of iOS and Android app development in Sydney.

Whether you want to hire an iOS or an Android app developer on the hourly basis or on the project requirement basis, GetAProgrammer can be your one-stop solution. Simply share your game idea with our experienced and skilled iOS or Android mobile app developer and experience it to become a reality.

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