Best online PC games in UAE


Internet is a chief source of information which plays a significant role in developing one's mind and life experiences. Nowadays, this can be a person's most efficient tactic for enabling himself to take charge and cope up with the advanced technology. Due to the informative lifestyle, where everything is modernized, the internet has become one of the necessities of all human beings regardless of age or gender in today's time. However, the influence of this on youth is unquestionable.

Online gaming has become one of the leisure activities for many people. There are several reasons which attract people towards online gaming such as challenge and competition, enjoyment, relaxation, social interaction and even mentally eloping from the real world.

Online gaming is a fun and sociable way to spend time. You need to be aware to help them stay safe and have a positive gaming experience.

Different Types of online games

  • Sport Games

  • Action and Adventure Games

  • Massive Multiplayer Online Games

  • Board Games

  • Online Casino Games 

  • Cross-Platform Online games and many more.

 Online Sport Games

Due to the shortage of live sports on our television, people are attracting towards console games to get the feel of friendly sporting competition. With the evolving technology, the craze of online sports game like has risen from beginners to the pro level. Even our favourite sports stars have started to play on their consoles in their free time. The trend of online sports games differs in different countries among the natives.

The three biggest console platforms for the online games are– Xbox, PS4 and PC.

Some of the best PC games in Dubai :

FIFA 18: FIFA series it is a football replica video game. It was developed and published by Electronic Arts. The game characterizes 52 licensed stadiums from 12 countries, including new stadiums in addition to 30 generic fields for a total of 82. The series represents all 20 Premier League stadium. ‘FIFA 18’ reminds the story-based on journey mode from ‘FIFA 17’ in which players take the role of a customisable up-coming athlete named Hunter.

It is available on Nintendo Switch PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Xbox One.

 MOBA Games – ‘League of Legends’ and ‘Dota 2’: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) groups together several games among which League of Legends’ and ‘Dota 2’ are dominating the market. Both these games are very popular regardless of the time and region and are being played at full capacity. This game features two teams, opposing each other on the ends of the map. Here, the team takes the role of a hero with extraordinary abilities. In order to win, each team tries to destroy the other party’s home base. The winning team receives the game-based coins which they use to buy powerful items in order to defeat jungle monsters, guard towers, enemy minions and other heroes.

It is available on Linux, MAC, PC. 

God of War: This game was developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is an action-driven game and the eight version of the God of War series. It was the first 3D game to feature the over-the-shoulder camera and Dark Souls. The game element includes Kratos and his son Atreus who provides support in combat.

It is available on PS4.

Counter-Strike: This game was developed by Valve and published by Sierra Entertainment. The craze of this game is since 2001. This game features the role of terrorist and counter-terrorism. Terrorists attack the counterparty by planting and setting off a bomb and guard hostages so that they can’t rescue. On the other hand, counter-terrorists tries to defuse the bomb and save the hostages. After each round, players receive a reward in form of game cash after each round from which they can buy stronger weapons, bullets, gun-powder and other combat.

Available on: Linux, Xbox 360, PC, PS3 and MAC.


Fortnite Battle Royale: This game was developed and published by Epic Games. This game provides free access to a substantial portion of their content to the players, breaking all the records worldwide.

The match of this game features up to 100 players who skydive onto an island and search for weapons, armour and resources to save themselves from other players. It can be played alone, with one another player or with a group of three players.

The main difference from other genres is the construction of game elements, it lets players build obstacles, walls and other structures from collected resources to save themselves from approaching fire or to gain an advantage. It always introduces new character customization content in the game seasonally including the game map.

It is available on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Mac and iOS.

Madden 20: The only American Football game that is fully licensed is Madden. Some areas of improvement in the 2020 version of this game include- control tweaks, the updated story mode and new superstar player options.

It is available on Xbox, PS4 and PC.


In this technological era, online games have gained popularity through the use of internet in contrast to the traditional games. They serve as the best alternatives for entertaining people of all ages.

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