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Best Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants For Your Interior Plantscaping in Philadelphia


Having indoor plants is a perfect way to enhance any space. When putting plants in a home where you have pets or small children, ensure that all greenery is pet-friendly and does not contain potential poisonous or harmful blooms. At Plantscape USA, the trained experts can help you with all of your needs for Interior plantscaping in Philadelphia.

Here are some of the best pet-friendly plants to choose for your interior plantscaping:

African Violet
The African violet is the perfect plant if you’re looking for something that is pet-friendly and has flowering blooms. Its flowers grow into a range of purple hues. The African Violet is low-maintenance and thrives without extensive care or bright light.

Air plant
The air plant, or Tillandsia, is another plant that is safe for your pets. With its sleek and modern look, it requires minimal effort to grow and care for, as it thrives without soil. The key to keeping this unique bloom alive is housing it in a room with well-circulated air, and being sure to water it several times per week.

Aluminum Plant
The Aluminum plant is an attractive option for pet parents who want to integrate more greenery into their home. To keep an aluminum plant healthy and growing, it requires moist, well-drained soil and adequate sunlight. With its patterned gray-and green leaves, this is a beautiful addition to any interior plantscape.

Christmas Cactus
While the Christmas cactus is nontoxic to house pets because of its spiky cacti exterior, it can cause intestinal discomfort if ingested and, therefore, should be kept out of reach of animals. To care for your Christmas cactus, make sure that the soil is always moist, mist the plant frequently, and allow for sunlight with partial shade. Then, enjoy your plant for the holidays and beyond.

Most ferns are great, non-toxic houseplants to have around pets. Yet, some can be very poisonous for pets, such as the asparagus fern (which is not a fern, but part of the lily family).

Friendship plant
The friendship plant gets its name because of the ease of dividing and sharing it. While it is non-toxic for pets, they are attracted to its fuzzy and crinkly leaves, so it may be appropriate to keep it out of your pet’s reach. Keep your friendship plants in moist soil at room temperature for optimal growth.

Indoor herb gardens are the ultimate houseplant options because not only are they aesthetically pleasing greenery, but most are non-toxic for pets. Give yourself access to fresh, homegrown herbs! While some herbs are off-limits for pets (such as lavender and oregano), others such as basil, sage, and thyme are the perfect little additions to your indoor greenery.

Lace Flower Vine
Lace flower vines grow in hanging baskets (out of reach of your pets). While these plants are non-toxic, their long vines can be tempting to pets and should not be placed somewhere as a temptation for an afternoon snack. Place this plant facing north in indirect sunlight for best growth.

Lipstick plant
The lipstick plant is named after its bloom’s resemblance to tubes of lipstick. It is nontoxic for pets, and as a native tropical plant brings a burst of lush, vibrant color to any space! Keep your lipstick plant in bright light with moist soil for best growth results.

When searching for interior plantscaping in Philadelphia, the experts at Plantscapes U.S.A can help you install and maintain the perfect indoor garden. From questions on the appropriate plants for your space to professional installation and maintenance of your greenery, visit PlantscapesUSA.com or send us a message today and let us know how we can help at [email protected]!

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