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Best Place To Buy Bitcoins or Ethereum With PayPal

he Crypto world is advancing in the 21st century. With the latest advancement and innovations in the crypto world, it also results in the advancing of the buying and selling platform. If we are talking about methods to buy, sell or trade using a credit card, debit card, or NEFT. All these methods are creating a few complications in the crypto industry. Apart from all these methods, PayPal has become a favorite platform in the crypto world in the year 2021. While using PayPal to buy, we need to find out the best and credible places to buy bitcoin with PayPal instantly. In Between 2020, there are some issues that happened with PayPal due to chargeback issues.

PayPal provides their users to buy Bitcoin directly without using the Bitcoin outside of the platform.

In this article, I’m going to share all possible methods to buy Bitcoin and Etherum with PayPal. There is some indirect way which helps you to buy bitcoin with PayPal. This article provides you with knowledge about how to buy bitcoin using PayPal.


The top sites to buy Bitcoins with PayPal:

#1 Buy Bitcoin with PayPal using Local bitcoins-

This is the most popular way or marketplace in the crypto world where you are able to purchase bitcoin using PayPal. You need to be careful related to some of the topics while buying Bitcoins using PayPal like picking up the bestseller, check for the seller’s feedback, and trade volume. By this method, you’ll be able to know that how credible your seller is?

On this platform, you can directly connect to the buyer and seller. Using this platform, you will be able to get the bitcoins faster.

Steps to Buying Bitcoin with PayPal using LocalBitcoins:

First, visit the LocalBitcoins website and then enter the number of how many Bitcoins you want to buy. You also need to select your preferred country and enter the country.

The next step includes choosing the seller (choose carefully by looking at the feedback and trade volume).

Important: Look for all the details below mentioned:
  • Seller’s feedback score
  • How many confirmed trades are owned by the seller?
  • Account time period.
  • Trustable list of seller
  • Blocked list of sellers.

The last step is to complete the trade by initiating the process to trade screen ( where you will see information related to user’s trade limits with location and payment window ). Where you are able to make your trading list completed. Enter the Bitcoins you want to buy and click “Send trade request”.

Some of the Pros and Cons of this method are:

Pros: Sellers are working from around the world.

Cons: Chances of getting scammed are high with high fees.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal using eToro:

EToro is also one of the best platforms to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. You are able to buy crypto with PayPal instantly but withdrawing them to the wallet is a more critical task. This method is more suited to gain profits from the price swings rather than buying the actual bitcoin. For making profit money from the eToro, you will not need a bitcoin wallet.

Some of the Pros and Cons of using eToro are:

Pros: Different payment methods are accepted with low fees.

Cons: Profit withdrawn is much more complicated, it is not available worldwide.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal using xCoins:

This one of the best Bitcoin lending companies. You need to sell the Bitcoin, while you have to lend the Bitcoins for profitable gains.

For lending the Bitcoins, you only need to visit the site, follow up with the ID verification, after that you are requested to deposit USD (how much you borrow) with the processing fees and interest of Paypal and loan respectively.

Follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Choose the buying amount
  • Agree with all terms and conditions of the loan agreement.
  • ID verification
  • Proceed to the Payment option.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Using Paxful:

Paxful works are similar to LocalBitcoins. Both Paxful and LocalBitcoins are peer-to-peer market place allowing you to buy Bitcoins with any variety of methods. Some of the pros and cons of using Paxful are:

Pros: Sellers are available from all over the world.

Cons: Higher chance of getting scammed and the higher exchange rates.

Follow these steps to buy bitcoin with PayPal using Paxful: All these steps are quite simple.
  • Visit the Paxful website and create an account.
  • Select the preferred payment method for buying and also desired amount.
  • The next step is the selection of sellers. You can also choose manually (where Paxful chooses the best seller for you).
  • After the initiation of trade, you will connect to the seller via online chat to finalize your deal. There is a time frame of 30 minutes, you need to finalize within this time frame, or if not the deal will automatically be canceled. 


Buying Or selling Bitcoin with PayPal is a complicated process as compared to other payment methods. This method is only best suitable for money speculation. I suggested you use another payment method to make your trading safe and secure. You can also buy Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum by using these sites. As much of the extent, all these methods are involved in the user buying Bitcoin with PayPal with no ID. Apart from all these methods. There are various ways to buy bitcoin with PayPal CoinBase and to buy Bitcoin with PayPal Reddit. The selling, buying, and bitcoin exchange with PayPal are possible. This makes users convert BTC to USD easily.

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