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Instead of listing themselves prominently in numerous online directories some days, it is important for small businesses. Remember this, today, four out of five U.S. customers use search engines to identify local businesses. Perhaps more importantly, on the same day, 50 percent of all those performing local smartphone queries visit the b

Businesses in question, and 18 percent step forward on that day with purchase.

Business directories weren't just a digital version of both the Yellow Pages where users have to browse through comments to find what they've been looking for; they are interactive Online Business Directory India that allow potential customers to quickly locate, learn about, and contact related businesses.

And if you're not listed from the business directory list below on more than a few pages, you are missing the opportunity for potential customers to find out.

Google My Business


The search engine Goliath of necessity is Google. So when prioritizing the online listings to follow, it's no wonder experts always suggest starting with that and the free-of-charge Google My Business (GMB). After all, Google greatly outperforms any other search engine, recording an average of 7.8 billion queries a day last year. One of GMB's greatest advantages is its display of the exact position of your company on a mobile-friendly chart — a tremendous boost for the 1.3 billion mobile phone users anticipated to populate the US by 2020.


Yell offers an extensive selection of businesses. Along with appearing in Google searches, your company will appear in all search queries on yell and in Yell's smartphone app edition. Listing is simple, and a large number of keywords can be applied to the Services / Products list. The inclusion of your social media connexions and, of course, your main business website is also worthwhile doing.

Yellow Pages

This very well-organized online edition of the anachronistic classic produces millions of searches every day. It offers advertisements, the generation of leads, and comprehensive data on ad efficiency. The year before, company research points to a mix of 70 million users through the YP app and, with digital sales reaching $1 billion in 2014. The business sees itself as "the locally searched No. 2 destination in India."

Trip Advisor

A popular platform for those preparing a holiday or looking with something fun to do, TripAdvisor has over 60 million customers visiting its website every month. While it may be better known for business listing in India hotels and restaurants, several other businesses fall under the category of attractions, including courses, outdoor activities, indoor events venues, and much more. Read the guidelines on the web to see if your business qualifies, and list your business on TripAdvisor when you do.

City Search

Specializing in listings for restaurants, bars, spas, hotels, restaurants as well as other businesses throughout the U.S., this free platform optimizes them across a partner region that connects Expedia, Urbanspoon, and MerchantCircle. Listings are accessed via the popular mobile app from Citysearch, and businesses recommended by users are frequently listed on local "best of" lists covering 20 categories.It's one of the best free business listing websites in India.


The small company directory of Manta gets more than 15 million views of the page every month from customers searching for nearby companies. Your free Manta corporate website will continue to add photographs to your business listing and enhance the appearance of your Manta profile, improve search engine rankings with consistent business descriptions and links from your Manta profile to your business site, and give you extra statistics on how many consumers visit your Manta portfolio.


This business listing website in India platform tracks your feedback and ratings and offers data on how consumers interact with your profile, offering insights into opportunities for online and offline ads. The DexKnows mobile application is compatible with Android and Apple, enabling users to conduct single-tap searches, write reviews, mark favorites, and locate GPS-based filling stations.

Angie’s List

This popular platform is known for the more than 720 categories of independent user reviews. To investigate, recruit, rate, and review local service providers, more than 3 million members turn to Angie's List. This year the company has been appointed to Deloitte's Fast fortune 500, a list of fastes 500 fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, and cleantech companies. Build an Angie's Company List file.

Open Tag Business Directory

Open Tag is an overall business directory with an enrollment process that is very simple. Not much frill here; just add a brief summary of contact information, confirm profile by email account and then post the listing. The six-month listing alternative is free, but if you're willing to return a connexion from your profile, you can get a lifetime basic account. Intriguingly, as most directories do, it doesn't need a homepage connexion; it has a display: no style on it so patients won't see the connection. We just wouldn't suggest this route as it could trigger negative SEO to occur with hidden links like that on your blog. In my view, having this ghost link somewhere on your website isn't really worth the advantage of a free connexion on Open Tag. The free edition seems to take 3 to 4 weeks to be accepted by their steering committee, but that's worth it anyway. Note also that they give an option to upload the logo.

Referral Key

Referral Key is a platform for small businesses that want to connect to other business owners or send referrals. It's not a really popular network, and it's unclear if anyone is really doing some business on it. However, one thing you can count on would be a backlink to your website. Because the website Referral Key was developed in 2007, this backlink will bring some value to your websites.

White pages

White Pages is essentially a knock off of yellow pages, but also has a personal directory section; I am certain that it was a hark back to the times of phone books that had white pages for individuals and yellow pages for corporations. Do not worry regarding spending too much time here; just make the details about the user correct and the same as all the other profiles. Please ensure the contact details are completed in the same detail as the previous profiles. All the data about the company should be precisely the same except for the summary.


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