Best Plugins for Final Cut Pro X that will help you make your videos unique


Nowadays it is such a time that everyone is sitting at home and making studio-quality videos on their computer. All you need is a good camera and good software to create an engaging video. And if you want to make quality videos and add in effects that grab the audience’s attention, then 'Final cut Pro X' plugins will help you add that extra edge to your video. 

They are easy to use and give you numerous options. For instance, if you get an FCPX mega background pack (plugin), you will get 4000 different background options. 

However, before we dive into best plugin details, here are a few things you should know  

What is Final Cut Pro X?

Final Cut Pro X is used to edit and compile videos on Apple Macintosh. Published by Apple in 2011, it is a successor to Final Cut Pro. 


What are Plugins?

Before we discuss the best Final Cut Pro X plugins, it is significant to know what plugins are and how they assist us.

Plugins are software additions that allow computer programs, applications, and web browsers to be customized and website content customization. Plugins usually help users to expand the capabilities of an application and shorten the time of any task accordingly.

Here are some exceptional plugins that will help you’re your work easy on ‘Final Cut Pro X’ and help you add the ‘wow-factor’ in your videos

  1. FCPX Tracker Suite

Exclusive FCPX plugin tracking kit developed by Pixel Film Studios allows you to expand the capabilities of tracking a subject in Final Cut Pro X with its improved performance and multiple tools. The suite comprises of five different tools explained as follows.


  • FCPX Auto Tracker

The tool helps you track the position, scaling, and rotation of a particular subject and add text, picture, logos, and simulation with just a click.


  • FCPX Surface Tracker

It helps you warp surfaces instantly. FCPX Surface Tracker will track surface it if it bends, twists turns or moves fast.


  • FCPX face Tracker

It helps you to customize various skin features like smoothing the skin and comprises of multiple facial makeup features.

  • FCPX Auto Tracker Outline

The tool assists you in tracking multiple objects back and forth in a video.


  • FCPX Auto Tracker Perspective

It is four-point motion tracking tools that help you track text, pictures, logos, and clips to the subject in a video.


  1. FCPX 3D Backdrop Megapack

Whenever you are working with animation in footage that needs a backdrop 3D Backdrop, Megapack is the best FCPX Plugin with over 400 backdrops to fit in every situation. It includes 14 categories with a customizable resolution to pick a backdrop from


  1. FCPX 3D Trailer Mega Pack

In this FCPX Plugin, there is a trailer for every purpose, with 570 professional trailer titles across 19 amazing categories. There's a style for you with FCPX 3D Trailer Mega Pack. You need a title for an action-packed movie, a minimal style intro for professional production, or something extraordinary for your screen. Titles from this pack are compatible with any resolution.


  1. FCPX Lower Third Mega Pack

It is one of the best FCPX plugins with a massive variety of lower thirds, whether for Your News bulletin or an action scene. FCPX Lower Third Mega Pack features 22 diverse categories that include 660 titles for lower thirds. These titles come with various customizable controls and multiple resolution compatibility.


  1. Transzoom 3

Like its name, this FCPX plugin contains various transitions to zoom in and out between intercuts of multiple clips. It includes 16 different presets that include variable animations. These transitions can be easily dragged and dropped according to requirement, and each transition provides you with ease of controlling the rate of speed and resolution as well as the aspect ratio.



In brief, here you go with five of the best FCPX plugins developed by Pixel Film Studios. These plugins have been made by keeping in mind what an editor exactly requires. Hopefully, these final cut pro X plugins will help you make a masterpiece in the future.