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Best Plywoods to Use for Top Quality Wooden Flooring

When planning to start a construction project requiring enough use of plywood material, the first question strikes you is “how to choose the high-quality Plywood supplier near me” and “Which plywood will appropriately suit my all project requirements?” There are various types of plywood available in the market based on their ratings, grades, and sizes such as Softwood, hardwood, commercial ply, marine ply, BWP & BWR grade ply etc. Make sure to select the best one that perfectly fits your project’s requirement.

Being the popular choice for floor supports, walls, roofs and garages in residential construction plywood has become an essential part of modern interiors. The thin layers of wood veneer or plies are glued together in a perpendicular sequence with each other. Which is why these are enough strong and durable for those areas hidden from the view in a post-construction capacity.

Plywood offers a gamut of applications in various constructional areas like laundry rooms, closets, fencing materials, packaging materials, scaffolding, shelving, sheds, shipping containers, cabinets, furniture, and other unfinished areas in the home. Hence you should only buy the high quality and original product from authorized plywood wholesaler in Tricity(i.e. Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula).

The engineered wood from the manufactured boards like particleboard and oriented strand board family is made from various wood species like ash, oak, birch, maple, cedar, spruce and pine. Plenty of reasons are there which makes the plywood flooring a popular choice among the people nowadays.

  1. Plywood flooring is much more cost-effective than other engineered floorings. Plywood is more economical and durable for flooring purposes. Also, the installation cost is not so more.
  2. If you are a nature lover and wants to include the natural wood texture in your interior floor work, plywood is a perfect choice. You will get a more rustic kind of feel with real wood grains and designs.
  3. Installation of plywood floors is a very simple process. It just takes a while to install all the floors.
  4. It’s much simpler to replace the ruined board if there is any. It can be replaced with its best match without disturbing the other nearby boards.
  5. Since plywood is made with binding a number of wood veneer sheets through a strong resin. Hence it offers good strength, waterproofing ability and long working life.
  6. Most of the popular timber merchants are offering high-quality plywood material in your near market. Therefore it has a great availability in the market in all seasons.

What kind of plywood is best for flooring?

Interior plywood that is moderately sealed against water damages is recommended for those house areas which do not have an often contact with moisture while the exterior plywood which can better resist water damage is best for bathrooms and kitchens as well. To create optimum quality plywood flooring choose among the various incredible plywood finishes.

Painted Plywood

Any kind of paint can be used to paint your plywood floor. There are endless designs and styles such as stripes, circles, a classical checkerboard pattern, bricks, and mimic cobblestones. You can choose whatever you like is just going to add a style factor in your home interior. To seal down all loosen plywood chips and to ensure the adherence of paint, apply a primer coat and then the desired paint. To fix your paint on the surface of the plywood and make it long-lasting, apply a few coats of polyurethane on it.

Floor Paper

After filling and smoothing the gaps in plywood chips with drywall compounds and trowel you can cover your floor by applying wallpaper or its cuttings in different patterns. After that apply a few coats of any hardwood finish material on it.

Planks, Squares, and Other Shapes

To provide your floor with a natural woodsy appeal, cut the plywood sheets into the various shapes like planks, squares and others then glue them onto the existing plywood surface. Apply any hardwood finish material on it.

Paper Bagging

In this finish, some irregularly shaped pieces of brown craft paper are applied with the help of watered glue to the plywood floor. When the paper dries, apply a satin protective finish to it. It will result in some marble-like flooring.

Plywood is a high finish, low-cost flooring material. With endless floor patterns and designs, you can use any kind of plywood finish to your room flooring to get the most appealing interior.

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