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Best Practices for Testing Health Care Applications

Gone are the days when people needed to visit the doctor for ailments from diseases. Digitization ruling the world has extended its arms in the field of medication and that’s through healthcare mobile applications. Talking to the doctors, remote diagnosis, ordering medicines, are all possible through the healthcare apps. But is your application safe from data breaches, is it compatible with medical devices, does it consists of user-friendly UI and UX, to answer these questions and many others we need to test these applications. In this blog, we will discuss what are the best practices for healthcare mobile application testing.

In order to successfully test the healthcare mobile applications we need to be aware of the vulnerable or delicate spots involved with healthcare apps and overcome the issues through efficient mobile application testing. So here are the soft spots and the way to test these applications.

Comply with security requirements

Healthcare applications consist of sensitive data, hence proper actions must be taken by the organizations to secure their customer details. Security practices like data encryption are the best way to secure sensitive data. Hence, QA teams should work on data encryption and decryption and make sure that the keys are stored properly. Multi-factor authentication, biometric, risk-based authentication, etc, and various such authentication practices enable you to protect your user base with lots of security. Also the QA teams need to check that the approach for user authentication works well.

User-friendly UI and UX

The usability evaluation of your app is determined by how user friendly and simple is the UI and UX of your application. This emphasizes the importance of UI and UX testing in health care applications. One of the best practices for UI testing of your application is hallway usability testing. To do this first your QA team will ask some random users to finish a task in your medical application and ask for feedback. Such activities help the QA and developer teams to detect the bugs and fix them. Whatever may be the approach but make sure that the healthcare app is extremely user friendly.

Incompatibility with Medical Systems

Integrating third party healthcare software systems like electronic health record (EHR) software, hospital management software (HMS), and medical practice management software (MPMS).

Can be very convenient for the users. One of the most important parts in testing health care mobile applications these days is testing the interoperability between the mobile application and these third party healthcare software systems. The challenge in testing the interoperability is whether the third-party software is not disturbing the existing features of the applications and secondly, there should not be any issue in the uniformity with the database type, data format, and functionality logic. These uniformity issues might create an issue hence we need to perform testing.

Application Performance

Application performance depends on various factors like speed, simple navigation, network, customer support services, captivating UI, etc. So the customers want to use your application despite poor network (2G,3G,4G) and the number of other people using the application at the same time, mobile device, location (urbun, rural), etc. So the QA team has to check all the variables that can affect the performance of the application and test the application accordingly. This approach will definitely help in enhancing application performance. 


Now Healthcare industries have made an entry into the digital ecosystem so that we can reap the benefits of convenience, cost, comfort, and much more. In order to make this mission possible and successful, there is a dire need for healthcare mobile app testing.  Mobile application testing for Healthcare applications is different from other applications. As we discussed there are certain soft spots that need to be recognized and performed testing to resolve issues, enhance app performance, scale the application, etc. Hence with the increasing demand of the healthcare industry to function well remotely, we need to focus on healthcare mobile application testing and provide high-level services to the users.

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