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Best Quiet Hair Dryer

For most hair care consumers, a quiet (or 'Quiet') hair dryer may be one of life's little necessities. After all, we all know how annoying and disruptive excessive racket of a dryer can be. It can also make it very difficult to take a good hair wash when your hair is too hot and dry. But are there really any pros/cons to owning a quiet/quiet dryer?

For the most part, yes, quiet hair dryer do have their benefits. For just about every electrical appliance designed, low noise intensity (also known as low decibels or low tone) is an important primary design characteristic (at least in the case of blow dryers). This is because such engineers are typically given a fairly limited set of design constraints (specs) to work within. Any time you have a system with a limited number of operation points, your engineers have to operate at a lower level of decibel output in order to maintain the desired output.

One aspect that is often touted for the benefit of quiet hair dryers is the fact that they produce less vibration. This is achieved via two methods - one is by reducing the amount of air resistance and the other is by increasing the air flow rate. Air flow rates are particularly important because static electricity is one of the key causes behind a hair-dryer's irritating racket. You can see why decreasing the static charge would help alleviate some of the noise.

For best quiet hair dryers, the wattage levels should be kept below 1500 watts. Anything over this will produce excess heat which will make the device much more of a nuisance than an aid. wattage levels are also typically tied to the maximum temperature that the unit will be able to reach.

As you might expect, the fan motor is the most important aspect of the entire device. Of course, it is attached to the dryer itself. The most efficient types use a permanent magnet motor. The better types are also available with remote controls. The choice will largely depend on your budget as well as your requirements - whether you want remote controls or not is not a decision that can be made without considering all of the options.

The final piece of equipment that makes a good quiet hair dryer is the night light attachment. If your hair dryer comes with night lights, make sure that they are of sufficiently advanced technology. Some night lights will automatically detect a human hair within a certain temperature range and will activate the heater accordingly. If you're looking at purchasing one for yourself soon, you can check out The Quietest for more comprehensive reviews and comparisons of the best hair dryers in the market.

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