Best school in Kukatpally


Education is one of the most influential things in our life. It helps us to understand what is happening around us and allows standing out as equal irrespective of the caste, race and gender. It is that platform which can defeat all obstacles. The education of a child begins at school, hence, school plays a vital role in shaping the life of a person. A great school provides a nurturing atmosphere for its students who acquire their basic learning skills, gather knowledge from their tutors and develop interests in their favourite areas. TATVA GLOBAL SCHOOL is one such school offering quality education to its pupils. In fact, it is one of the best schools in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. Set in 2014, this acclaimed educational institution influences children to be knowledgeable, confident and honest. This prestigious academy encourages its students to be receptive and considerate towards all. Quality learning, advanced technology, dedicated educators and an age-based campus are the main aspects of this school.

TATVA GLOBAL SCHOOL  one of the top schools in Kukatpally genuinely looks after its pupils, encourages them and gets them ready for the days to come. The educators sow the seeds of self-respect and integrity in the minds of each learner. This school believes that to become a global citizen of high ethical values one has to acquire the three Cs in life -  character, confidence and communication.

TATVA  offers a huge and a  fantabulous campus along with brilliantly designed school buildings architectured effectively for the convenience of the children of various age groups. This school has acquired the best CBSE campus award year after year. Since this school provides the facility of in-class libraries the students have access to dictionaries and other reference materials whenever they want. Apart from the in-class libraries, there is a mammoth-sized central library with a magnificent stock of books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, newspapers, educational DVDs, magazines and other study materials. The school provides highly equipped, advanced and safe laboratories for its learners. These labs are managed by dedicated instructors who make certain that each child is actively participating in practical lab-based activities. This school intensifies its motto of producing global citizens by fun and interactive teaching methods. The sporting infrastructure includes a humongous swimming pool and amenities for different indoor and outdoor games with able trainers who can locate the talented kids and guide them. A compulsory ninety minutes of physical activities are required to be performed by each child. Weekly hours are allotted for diverse club activities which are mandatory. Hot, healthy and hygienic meals are served to the students. For safe transport of the children, the school offers the service of AC buses provided with the latest technology and GPS based devices. For more information visit

TATVA GLOBAL SCHOOL, one of the best schools in Kukatpally makes sincere efforts to understand a child thoroughly.  It also influences parents to encourage the interests of their wards. This renowned establishment presents a wonderful experience where learning becomes useful.