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Best screenshot software for laptop

Taking a screenshot is a great way to get images for illustration or keep records. Screenshots are excellent when used with tutorials and come in handy for providing visual guidance to a body of text or particular description. You may even record the live progression of your laptop's screen to create a video. By doing this, you can create multimedia for educational purposes or business presentations. When seeking the material for such purposes, it is essential to make sure that it has high quality. We have reviewed the best screenshot software for laptops to help you capture high-quality images and videos.


Developed with versions for Microsoft and Mac operating systems, Camtasia is the most ideal screenshot software for laptops. You can take great still shots of your laptop's screen using this tool because it captures professional content every time. It also makes video tutorials, records webinars, keeps track of meetings, creates instructional clips, and captures training footage. Camtasia also provides a suite of tools that you can use to record and edit the audio track of your recordings. 

With Camtasia, you can record the desktop on your laptop while including effects using a drag and drop feature. Adding a soundtrack is easy because this software comes with a complete library of sound effects and royalty-free music. With Camtasia, you can add annotations and titles according to your preference. Feel free to exercise your creative freedom with this software by zooming in, out, or panning the content in your recording. Best of all, you can insert PowerPoint slides directly into this software. As a result of its characteristics, Camtasia is the perfect screenshot software for your laptop. 

Notable alternatives


Snagit is a screenshot capturing tool for laptops that is developed by the TechSmith Software Company. It is available in versions for Windows and Mac operating systems. By using your cursor, you can select a point in your laptop screen to capture the shot. A preview window shows you exactly what the screenshot will look like before you take or edit it. You can also utilize arrows, shapes, or text boxes to add content into the resultant image. There are other editing features in this tool such as size cropping and special effect addition. Do you have multiple screenshots to take? 

You can use a toolbar in Snagit to speed up the process. In addition to that, you can use this software tool to capture desktop video recordings. It is a reliable lightweight software for capturing screenshots on your laptop.

Snipping Tool

Bundled within all operating system versions from Windows Vista and above, the Snipping Tool is a handy little software that can be used to take high-quality screenshots. With this tool, you can take a screenshot of a specific area in rectangular form or the entire desktop. As a matter of fact, the Snipping Tool can capture the screen using 4 different modes including Window snip, Free-form snip, Full-screen snip, and Rectangular snip.  

You can also add some notes to the screenshot if you so wish. You can write upon the screenshots using a digital pen or note of important elements using a digital highlighter. Seeing as you can save the images in formats such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF, it delivers a handy way to capture screenshots in your laptop.


When you need to take a screenshot and conceal some details, look no further than Skitch. Developed by EverNote, there are versions of this tool for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android mobile platforms. You can use Skitch to capture screenshots and annotate them quickly.

 By using the cursor, you can select a specific area or take a screenshot of the entire desktop. Annotation can be done using colored highlighters or arrows. After you complete the editing process, the screenshot can be uploaded into a Cloud service of your choice or sent via email. A unique characteristic of Skitch is that you can use the pixelate tool to blur any discreet section on the screenshot such as a license number, serial, price or name. In this way, Skitch adds a degree of privacy to your screenshots.



A screenshot comes in handy for capturing the occurrences in your desktop while using your laptop. It allows you to take a still image that you can annotate or highlight. You can take screenshots using the software tools above and share the images as you wish. Camtasia is the best screenshot software for laptops because it will always deliver high quality results!

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