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Best SEO strategies for 2021

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You have set up your website and are raring to go to the next step of internet marketing as we take a plunge to 2021. With your website launch, there are key pointers that you should be aware of. You need to tweak these parameters as per your business requirements and there are a bunch of basics that you need to get right as you get ready to launch your website. 

These basic requirements are:

  1. Keyword research

  2. Optimization of tags (title, meta, etc)

  3. Planning of regular and optimized content

These are the basic pointers for increasing the organic traffic of your website. So you have gone through these basics. Now, what’s next? You might not be wanting to spend hours studying the technicalities of SEO and yet you want your website to have increased visibility and traffic. This article is specifically curated to cater to that purpose. We will be discussing how to apply the latest SEO techniques to improve the performance of your website and how these techniques can be implemented.

Best SEO techniques to increase organic growth in 2021

Study your competitors

As the old saying goes, a fool learns from his own mistakes, the wise learn from the mistakes of others.

There can not be any more apt application of the saying. Do a thorough competitor analysis before you step out into the playing field. 

Take a good look at your competitors’ web pages. Monitor which of their pages are performing well. The more you get to know about the strategy of your competitors the better strategy you can create for your website. Also, when finding out the “why” behind the success of your competitors’ best-performing web[ages try to find out the “how” they are implementing those strategies. This will help you to get a good grasp of advertising techniques and then you can take your organic marketing game a notch higher.  A well-planned and thoroughly executed competitor analysis helps to:

  • Spot content gap

  • Link those gaps

  • Improve the existing content of your webpage

You can use any of the tools present in the marketplace and do a complete competitor analysis. If you are unable to do it by yourself then you can always hire an NJ SEO company to perform the competitor analysis of your website on your behalf.

Curate content strategy

Content strategizing boils down to two points:

  • Optimize the existing content of your website

  • Create new content for your website

Of the two most people tend to go for the former one as it is really effective and quite the easier one. Most website owners end up optimizing all of their content pieces.

And when website owners create new content they commit one of the most common mistakes; creating content blindly. They create content just because everyone else is. This is where it gets all wrong. You must have a clear content marketing strategy planned out in advance. There must be a purpose to all of content creation. You can use your content to address the keyword gap on your website, attract new audiences, and get reviews from your customers.

Optimize for questions

The 1st position in SERPs is long gone. Marketers and NJ SEO companies now battle it out for the zero position i.e., the snippet that appears on SERPs. This is a new feature from most search engines. Along with this feature, there is an added section of, “questions people ask”. This section has common questions associated with the search term. So identify the types of questions your clients and customers can ask and try to include the answers to those questions in the content of your website. In fact, it would be best if you create a separate FAQ section for such questions and update it regularly.

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