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Best SEO Tools that SEO Experts actually use in 2021

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When we talked about SEO, we know that there are a multiple things and some features that describe why SEO is so important for us. In short SEO is important because it make our business and website more visible, and that means there are more traffic and so many opportunities are waiting to convert visitors into customers. The SEO Search Engine Optimization industry is worth $66 Billion as mentioned by this SEO Consultant Kolkata reports. There is a time when SEO is just like other passing trend. But now even every single non-technical modern entrepreneur understands the importance of online and traffic that is generated by search engine and with the help of SEO.

There are many SEO tools that experts use and definitely this can also help you a lot in growing and rank your website on Google. These SEO tools are free and paid too. I am putting some of the most useful and easy to use SEO tools together in the list, you can use these tools to perform your best in 2021 to improve your SEO, Ecommerce SEO

  • Google Search Console

You can use Google Search Console for pretty much everything. Originally known as Google Webmaster Tools for nearly a decade, Google rebranded its suite of tools as Google search console in 2015. Every year Google provided us new tools, analytics and data to track in Google Search Console. This set of tools gives you valuable and relevant information about your website at a glance, it can assess you to improve your site performance and identify problems to troubleshoot, it help you ensure your site is Google friendly or not and observe Google’s indexing of your site.

You can report spam and request consideration at your own, if your site has incurred a penalty. And yes remember this, if you don’t apply to their webmaster guidelines now and again then you have to blame yourself only if you go wrong in any task. And recently Search Console is constantly updated and new features are being added such as new URL inspection tool or sitemaps reports.

  • SEO Spider

SEO Spider is a Search Engine Optimization Tool developed by a UK-based website search agency called Screaming Frog.This rowdy giant’s clients include major players like Disney, Shazam and Dell. You can evaluate many website pages and extract key bits of information to analyse for their SEO qualities. There is One of the most eye-catching feature of SEO Spider is its ability to make a quick search of URL's, as well as you can also crawl your site to check for broken pages. This function saves you from the suffering of manually clicking each link to rule out '404 errors'. As on this SEO Spider Tool you’ll find out this software stands out because it manages to present complex SEO data in an easy-to-understand format. This tool also permits you to check for pages with missing title tags, duplicated Meta tags, tags of the wrong length, and check the number of links placed on each page. For you information there is both a free and paid version available of SEO Spider. The free version contains most basic features such as crawling redirects but this is limited to 500 URLs.

  • Semrush SEO Tool

SEMrush is a product from the maker of SEOQuake, a popular SEO addon for Firefox. It’s is an online SEO tool designed for taking a look at a domain’s position in search, as well as the ranking of the keywords and other related keywords that might generate more traffic.The keyword research tool is manageable from SEMrush's dashboard. You can see in depth keyword analysis reports and a summary of any areas you manage. It is best suited for Business owners and in-house marketers running PPC and SMM campaigns. Along with Ahrefs, it’s the most expensive starting plan of SEO software. And the most preferable features of this tool is PPC research, in particular a CPC Map tool, allowing users to conduct extensive PPC research, seeing, in a convenient visualized manner, CPC data for different keywords across different locales. SEMrush has received many positive responses online but has been criticised for use of SEO jargon such as 'SERP' which may separate inexperienced users. Its  'Pro' subscription costs $99.95 per month (annual plan) which includes access to all SEO tools.

  • 4.       Majestic SEO Tools

Majestic SEO tools have reliably received recommendation from SEO experts since its origin in 2011. This also marks it one of the oldest SEO tools available today. In other words, it isn’t an all in one tool that does keyword research, SEO site audits and on-page SEO analysis. It’s primarily focused on backlinks. And, because they focus on link analysis above all else, they claim to have the world’s best backlink checker. This tool is best suited for Domain owners and in-house marketers working with businesses with small online presence. The plan does not provide features for keyword research, or competition analysis, which makes it unsuitable for users creating ranking content. Their customers can search a 'Fresh Index' which is crawled and updated, in addition to a 'Historic Index' which has been praised online for its lightning retrieval speed. And its standout features is a convenient set of plugins and third-party apps. Incorporating a browser plugin, for example, immediately shows the link profile for any given webpage on the go.

  • MOZ Pro

Moz pro is a SEO tool that aim to help you in growing your online business by increase you websites traffic, it sets the standard for SEO tools in more ways than one. Moz pro got the most complete tool set that reviewed and its strategies have become industry standards and even among marketers too. Moz pro is best suited for Small-scale SEO work and limits are controlling to the point where it’s only normal to use for specialists working with low-volume campaigns and non-SEO businesses with limited online presence. Pricing for Moz Pro begins at $99 per month for the Standard plan which covers the basic tools. And the best features of Moz pro are Huge backlink index, one of the industry’s biggest. Out of the limited suites in that price range, allowing to crawl 100,000 pages a week is a big advantage.

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