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Best Shipping Tips for Small Businesses

For small businesses, shipping can make a major impact on profit. There are many shipping options are available in the market but you should choose it by considering all important factors. For keeping customers and gaining new, fast and safe delivery of products are very important. Here we will give you the best shipping tips for small businesses.

Shipping Weight

There are two types of rates are available in shipping. One is a flat rate for products and the other is the dimensional weight. Shipping rate does not only change with physical weight but dimensional weight can also make a big change in the shipping rate. For the large shipping boxes with less weight, shipping companies charge by considering the volumetric weight of the box.

You can calculate volumetric weight or dimensional weight by the below formula.

Dimensional Weight = (Length x Height x Width) / Dimension Factor

So make a list of products that you want to ship by considering physical weight or dimensional weight which one is higher.

Negotiate Shipping rate

Before giving a shipping contract to any shipping company, compare the shipping rate of all the logistics carriers by considering all terms and conditions. After that, do not forget to negotiate the shipping rate. All courier companies need orders from regular clients. So explain to them about your future needs and about the rate of shipping with other logistics companies. This practice will give you a great deal for your regular shipping for business. Also, the expertise of shipping company for international and domestic courier. Some domestic courier companies can not give you a good rate for international shipping. So, you can choose different logistics for various services.

Order Tracking

Order tracking is also important when you have daily multiple orders. It can consume too much time if you check the location of all the shipments by entering the tracking number. Many quality shipment services offer free service for live shipment tracking. Live tracking will help you and your customers. If any delay in delivery, you can inform customers immediately. This will improve your service and eventually give benefits to your business growth


In all factors of shipping, the packaging is one of the most important things to consider while shipping. You should consume more time and money on packaging. Good packaging looks better and also impress customers. After all, it will save lots of money by avoiding damage while transit.

There are many stages in shipping and your package goes through multiple locations, cities, and transports systems. With thousands of other packages, it is very difficult to handle your package safely while shipping. So it is better to make the packaging of a product like that you do not have to worry about any damages. So use good packing material and if you do not know about the packaging of the special product then ask for help from shipping companies and they will guide you. You can also hire professionals to get quality packaging of products.

We hope these tips will help you to ship products for your small business and will help you to avoid extra costs while shipping.

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