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Best Sling Bags for Fashionista

Looking for a fancy and convenient sling bag to accessorize your trendy outfit? Well, we’ve got you covered! Sling bags have taken women’s fashion by storm – I mean, they are chic, can complement your outfit, and can fit in your purse, keys, and phone! So what’s not to like? 

So if you are thinking of ditching your heavy tote bags and investing in something prettier, lighter, and functional, then go for sling bags! And you don’t even have to worry about aimlessly looking for one – we did all that searching for you and present to you the top sling bags from our favorite Pipa Box! Let’s get started.

6 Best Sling Bags For Women 

  1. Pipa Box Denim

The best part about their collection is that they offer their range of sling bags in a new circular shape that is so much more attractive than regular square ones! 

We especially love the Pipa Box Denim sling bag with its muted navy blue top, white, and a navy abstract design on the bottom – all done on dyed and printed canvas. Made from the best quality Nappa leather, it even comes with adjustable straps for added comfort! Pair this super chic yet elegant circular sling bag with a casual top and jeans, a floral skirt, or even a picnic dress!

Material: Nappa Leather

Dimension: 18*3.5 cm

  1. Pipa Box Bambina 

We love the Pipa Box Bambina – subtle leopard prints teamed with a humble olive green color base give the bag an understated yet bold look! You can easily fit your phone, lipstick, and a small coin purse in this one compartment sling bag. Attached with it comes a long adjustable strap in the same muted olive green color. Pair this beauty with any casual outfit, and you are ready to rock the town!

Material: Nappa Leather 

Dimensions: 18*3.5 cm

  1. Pipa Box Zola

If you like something simple without any designs, you should check out the Pipa Box Zola! Tan brown-colored sling, this one owns our heart for its simplicity and sophistication. It is slightly more expensive than the other ones on the list and with good reason! While the others are made of Nappa leather, the Zola has been made with the finest quality Hunter Leather, complete with old gold finish hardware! It exudes the subtle brilliance of its material and looks perfect with every outfit. Imagine how many compliments you will get when you take this beauty out with you!

Material: Hunter Leather 

Dimensions: 18 * 3.5 cm 

  1. Pipa Box Floriana  

We love the Pipa Box Floriana for its cute boho-chic look! And like its other variants, it comes in its signature circular size, made from Nappa leather, designs made on dyed and printed canvas, complete with long adjustable straps!

We favor the Floriana because of its adorable design – cute little owls in red and green color adorn the bag, and we think it would look perfect with any casual or formal outfit! Pair this with a lovely floral dress or a casual solid color shirt and jeans, and you are ready to go out for a meeting or a brunch date with your girls!

Material: Nappa Leather

Dimensions: 18*3.5 cm

  1. Pipa Box Ivana 

One of the biggest reasons why we adore Pipa Box’s sling collection is because of the various muted designs they have on their list! And another such slightly muted design sling bag is the Ivana! Subtle darkish gray base with an adjustable strap complete with a beautiful floral design – what’s not to love about this sling! The best part? You can pair it with almost anything – a casual white shirt and blue jeans for a meeting outdoors, a floral dress for a breakfast date, it works with everything! which set of u.s. presidents have descendants who are married to each other?

Material: Nappa Leather 

Dimension: 18 * 3.5 cm 

  1. Pipa Box Sherbet 

The last one on our list is the Pipa Box Sherbet. This one is very different from its counterparts due to its bright yellow color – it stands out from Pipa Box’s signature muted color palette. With a long adjustable strap, it comes with a pretty design of a girl holding a string, and we think it looks so adorable! So if you like bright and unique sling bags, then go for the Sherbet!

Material: Nappa Leather

Dimension: 18 * 3.5 cm

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Sling bags are the most convenient yet stylish bags designed for women – you can fit in your daily essentials while looking trendy and chic! So to help you choose a perfect sling, we have carefully curated this list of luxurious yet functional sling bags to take to work or for a casual night out – they work perfectly for every occasion! So go check them out and get something to suit your style!

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