Best Smartwatch for Men & Women in 2020


Nowadays, Smartwatches are becoming popular to raise the personality and smartness of anyone to top. Your outfit seems partial without a watch in your hand. Here we are listing the best smartwatch for men and women, which are becoming a trend.


Top best smartwatches for men and women

Make your choice that comes in straps and bands because they are more comfortable to wear and use. What constitutes the best smartwatch for men and women is more than whether it will tell you that you have a WhatsApp message. It is a device that can do many things; be your assistant, fitness coach, and even your banker. Some smartwatches can save your life by notifying you when your heart rate is irregular. 

Some devices do this properly than others. Some provide great volumes of apps that you can download. Others have exact GPS. Any heart rate sensors are more sensitive than others. 


Do not forget how they look. Smartwatches are almost entirely bespoke to your style, thanks to the number of customizable options from faces to straps, color, and material options.


Apple Watch Series 5

Still the king of a smartwatch for men and women

In either a 40 or 44mm size, water-resistant for swimming, optional GPS, 18 hours of battery life, and a modern heart rate monitor. 

The vision in the Apple Watch series was the introduction of the Always-On display. It has a big influence on user experience. You can take a glance and quickly can see the screen. It knows your requirements by an ambient light sensor and adjusts, respectively. You might think this would cause havoc on your battery, but it doesn't.

You also get a built-in compass. It's handy for using a map, so you know what direction you're looking at, every time. 


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

A dream for Android users

Again, this comes in 40 and 44mm. The battery life is enough, at 24 to 60 hours. It is swim-proof and has a GPS choice. It offers a Samsung Pay and heart rate monitor. It works with iOS phones but works as best smartwatch for men and women Android users, particularly Galaxy models.

We know the Apple Watch is excellent. But give the Galaxy Watch 2 an opportunity. It works with Android and iOS, so it's already more liberal.

The rounded aesthetic is charming. You use the display for apps like Spotify or Samsung Pay, for which it can give you onboard music. It offers some health features, but it is not a patch on Apple's ECG (but watch this space, they're working on it).

The main reason this is a great option is the value of money and battery life.


Garmin Vivoactive 4

The best fitness tracking smartwatch for men and women

Now we get a tiny more significant, coming in at either 40 or 45mm, respectively. You get a monster battery time of 7 days if you are using a 4S or eight days for the 4. It got built-in GPS, is water-resistant, has an HRM, Garmin Pay, onboard storage for your music, and is fitted with both iOS and Android.

What Garmin did here is to keep the best bits about the Vivoactive 3 and made it great. It even offers you yoga and pilates on the screen!

There is an improved pulse oxygen sensor means it can monitor what your blood oxygens levels are saying. It will offer you a decent insight into your sleep, too. 

Battery life means this is ideal for people who like to keep going.


Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch

The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is one of many smartwatches offered under the company's umbrella - most of which provide the same features. Gen 5 isn't a small smartwatch, but it offers excellent performance over previous Fossil smartwatch for men and women, interchangeable straps, and reliable build quality. It comes with a heart rate sensor and a built-in GPS.

It will be a little too big for some, but the interchangeable straps are great. The quicker battery charging is proper, and if you're on Android, the Wear OS software will work as well as it can with your device.