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Best Strategies To Have A Clean Gmail Inbox

Gmail is a service that everyone is using now. Gone are the days when these kinds of services were limited to office use. Time has changed. Gmail has gained popularity because of its multiple features. And people started using this service at home frequently as well. Sometimes our Gmail storage is full of emails that we don’t care about. These unnecessary messages need to be deleted in order to avoid email overload. If we keep neglecting them, they will take up all the storage capacity that we need to have for our important emails and files. 

Guidelines to Clean Gmail Inbox:

It is very essential to know how to clean Gmail Inbox. Here are some guidelines that can be helpful in clearing our Gmail excessive stuff.

  • Start With Cleaning Of Google Drive And Photos:

Do you know how to check the storage capacity? It is very important to know how much space you are currently using in your Gmail inbox. It is not a hard job and you can easily find it out. All you have to do is to sign in to your Gmail account and check Google’s Drive storage. You will get an option of “View details”. You can check how much space is being utilized by different platforms like Google Drive, Gmail, and Google photos. After having an idea of how much space is being covered by any specific area, we can delete the stuff that we don’t want to see in our Gmail account. Many of us are fond of taking photos and this is something that can cover a lot of space. You can go to “Setting” and change the size of the photos from original to quality photos. By doing this, you will be happy to find out that you have now unlimited space for your photos as quality photos take lesser space than the original resolution. Similarly, there is a quota in your browser to check the list of files in your Google drive. Don’t worry. Everything in your Google drive can’t drive you towards your storage limits. Still, if you see anything that you think is unimportant, you can delete it.   

  • Get Rid Of Unnecessary Huge Emails:

Don’t want to see huge emails in your inbox? You can always categorize or sort out large emails by checking the size. You can easily judge a small email in an instance by only looking at it. But, for the larger ones that are taking you towards the storage limits, you can have a check. There is a size option. By specifying the size option, you can come to know about the files that are taking more space than the specific size. You can delete that are highlighted as the large files. 

  • How About Blocking the Unwanted Senders?

You don’t always want to take out time and delete the uninvited emails. Here, you can take advantage of the option of blocking undesirable senders. Deleting such files will be of no use as these spammers keep sending you emails. The best way is to stop them from sending emails. It can be done easily by blocking them. 

  • Delete Old Emails:

You can delete old emails by categorizing them. You can delete all the emails you have received before any specific date. You can do it just by signing into your account, clicking on the search bar and type “before: [date]” and press enter. You are here replacing the current date with any specific date. You will be identified with all the emails received before the specified date. You can delete them all and free up space for important emails and files. 

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