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Best Suit Colours For a Wedding

Weddings are one of the most significant moments of a person's life. Everything that happened on the wedding day will forever be remembered by those who attended the event. And so is the suit you're wearing. For this reason, you want to look nothing but the best during a wedding. Whether it's your's, a friend's, or a family member's wedding, you want to dress to impress. 

Usually, weddings have dress codes. If so, you must follow the dress code. But sometimes, there are no dress codes written on the invitation. You will need to decide according to the place, time, and location of the event. For most weddings, formal wear is automatic. For men, the most accepted formal attire is a suit and tie. 

When choosing a suit for yourself or someone else, the first thing you should consider is the colour of the suit. This is also applicable if you are buying an outfit for a wedding for your kid. In most cases, kids suits will be the same colour as their parents', since most families prefer to wear to-match as a family. What colours are best for weddings? When attending a wedding, you can't go wrong with these suit colours.


Black suits are a very classic, high-formality suit colour. It is acceptable in most formal events, including weddings. However, you should be sensible in wearing a black suit. While timeless, black suits are not suitable for outdoor weddings in a hot season. Unless you want to sweat profusely, avoid black during outdoor summer weddings. In some cases, wearing a black suit is a must. For instance, if you are attending a Black-Tie Wedding, you must also wear a black suit or a full tuxedo. 

Navy Blue

Another excellent suit colour is Navy blue, perfect for most formal and semi-formal events. If you are buying a suit for the first time, consider getting a Navy Blue suit. Navy blue is a very wedding-friendly colour. It pairs well with the most wedding motifs. They are a solid choice, regardless of the time of the year.

Charcoal, Medium, and Light Grey

Charcoal grey suits are perfect for weddings. They are acceptable for semi-formal and casual weddings. It's a good alternative if you don't want to look overly formal. Like navy blue, charcoal grey suits are suitable all-year-round. 

Other variations of grey also work fine for formal events such as weddings. Medium greys are perfect for autumn colours. Lighter shades, however, are best with summer colours. Regardless, they are acceptable and wearable on any day of the year. 


Maroon-coloured suits are very distinct. These don't go well with morning weddings. However, when worn on a nighttime event, it gives off a formal and chic vibe. It also works best during high-end occasions. 

Dark Brown

For people with a darker complexion, dark brown suits are the best. These are not the most formal suits on the list. However, dark brown wedding suits are still perfect for semi-formal weddings. Consider getting one if you are on the tan or olive complexion. 

What Colour to Choose?

Choosing the best suit can be very difficult. But as previously mentioned, follow the dress code if there is any. If the invitation did not go with a dress code, you should consider the event location, the time, and the formality of the event. Sometimes, it would be nice to know what your friends are wearing. If a group of friends wear the same dress code, it makes the wedding look expensive and posh.

If you are attending a morning wedding, light colours are preferable. For nighttime events and weddings, consider wearing darker colours. For semi-formal and formal occasions, avoid wearing printed shirts and suits. Reserve them for casual events. If you are taking your kids to a wedding, remember to think about the colour that will fit them. 

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