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Best Suited Glass Dining Table Tops For Open-Air Or Rooftop Food Courts

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If there is a time you will never go wrong with interior décor is when you decide to use glass tables. These are tables with glass table tops. One advantage of glass dining table tops is that they are compatible with any décor theme. Glass tables also have reflective surfaces that work well in brightening up a room. The glass used to make the dining table tops is also tough with new technologies used to produce tempered safety glass. Tempered glass is not scratch able, and at the same time resists heat and does not break easily when knocked. In this paper, we discuss some of the best designs you can consider for your glass dining table tops for open-air places.

Acrylic Glass Ding Table Tops

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Acrylic glass is known for its resistance to abrasion and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. It is one of the most affordable and popular glass materials to be used for outdoor tables. Whether the table is being used for the rooftop or patio, the acrylic or Plexiglas is an essential material for the table top.

When you use either of these two types of glass, you have a guarantee for a durable table that will last for many years without need or replacement or repair.  Different thickness of the acrylic glass sheets can be used to make the rooftop food court tables. When there are many people using the table, it would be recommendable to use several layers of acrylic glass sheets to make them safer. Since in some regions the temperatures can be extremely high, placing a glass table made from a standard glass on the rooftop can reduce its lifespan greatly.

With the table tops made from acrylic, there is no risk of being damaged due to the extreme temperatures since they are hardened and made to withstand such conditions. Also, acrylic glass when used for outdoor tables is advantageous since you will not have to deal with issues of scratches on the surface. They are resistant to extreme external forces which will keep them shiny and always attractive.

Artsy Glass Table Tops

Dining table tops should always look attractive and elegant to create a positive mood for the users. Outdoor tables should include artistic design so that there are class and modernity for the décor. Using artsy glass is a modern, stylish and trendy idea that will create a warm and welcoming environment. For most individuals with rooftop or patio dining tables, there is the need to have a glass table top that is made from artsy glass.

The type of art featured on the glass should relate to foods or anything attractive to bring about a warm mood. Having pictures of fruits and food gives the people comfort and something to explore while seated around the table. In relation to this, the table should be made from hardened glass so that they are not easily damaged by the extreme outdoor conditions.

Back Painted Glass Table Tops

Glass dining table tops made from back painted glass look attractive and unique. With tempered glass being used as the back painted glass, you can explore different ideas to incorporate on the table top. An attractive bright color can be used. A dull color would not be unique and attractive hence should be avoided. Also, when making such tables using glass, you should ensure the back painted glass has smoothened edges to avoid any injury.

Any shape can be used for the rooftop tables depending on the number of users expected to be on it at once. For instance, a round glass table top for the rooftop would be essential if you are to have family gatherings and need to have active conversations involving everyone.

There Are Different Sizes Of Glass Table Tops

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Glass in the warehouses is available in different sizes but the most recommended for outdoor glass top dining tables is the 3/8” and ¼.” The latter is placed inside inset frames or used as a table cover. There are also types and colors of the glass you can choose from. The standard clear glass will always look good when used as a glass table. The “HD glass” is also another type that will work well. It is a clear glass with low iron content. Frosted glass, textured, bronze, and gray glass are also other types that add glamor to your open-air and top-roof food courts. All the glasses should be tempered to guarantee durability.


Different Shapes And Edge Finishes Of Glass Tops

You can also consider a customized design with different edge finishes of your choice. The type of edge will look different for the different shapes of table tops, and some are not even compatible with certain shapes. The different shapes of glass dining table tops are rectangle, square, round, and the oval glass table top. Your choice of the shapes will depend on preference as well as the size of the space you want to put them.

There are several types of edge finishes that you can choose from. One is the beveled edge type. Beveled edges are thinner at the edges with an inclined cross-section. One can specify the size of the bevel they want for their customized glass tables. The other type is the Flat polished edge. The edges are smoothed with sandpaper, and they are safe for use at outdoor food joints. They are best when the glass tabletop is inset in a frame.

The polished pencil edge is also a good design can consider for their glass dining table tops. The surface of the edge is rounded making it safer and appealing. It is recommended for glass dining table top covers or glass protectors. The seamed edge can also be used in glass dining table tops. This type of edge is sandpapered slightly when the glass top does not need a lot of finishing. It is suitable when the glass is inset in a frame.


Different Glass Corner Finishes

Square and rectangular glass dining table tops can also be given different corner finishes. Eased corners are corners that simply polished or sandpapered for comfort and safety. There are radius corners as well which are cut circularly. These are the best for the food courts because people are moving around. It prevents people from knocking over the tables by making the corners less sharp. The clip and polished corner are also a good choice for food court glass tables. The finishing is also beautiful.

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