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Gin is one of the strongest drinks available for drink lovers and sushi is the lightest most delectable dish restaurants offer. These two are the perfect dynamic duo. People are always in search of the best gin online to pair with the different variations of sushi. The typical sushi cannot be paired with any typical cocktail as they have sweetness in it and the drink experts and chefs say that the sweetness in the typical cocktails can ruin the fine taste of the delicate fish in the sushi hence something strong and citrus which would not ruin the taste of the dish but compliment it even more such as gin is recommended. Hence finding the best gin online would be great before going out having sushi and ruining your experience.

Gin and Tonic Sushi Pairing:

While choosing your drink to compliment your sushi, you need to keep into consideration the different fillings and toppings that are being added to your dish. Some ingredients that are used in this dish have a very subtle flavour while other main ingredients such as, salmon, eel, tuna, shrimp etc. Have a very strong and rich flavour.

Things to keep in mind while pairing:



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  • Sushi Ingredients:

To find the best gin online which would enrich the experience of your dish and not overshadow the flavours you should keep in mind certain points such as, pairing up the right gin with the right sushi I.e having a few acidic drinks with a sweeter roll rather than getting a sweet gin as sweet with sweet is going to overpower the sugary taste and would ruin your experience, or having sweeter drinks with spicy rolls to balance out the spice level of the dish.

  • Acidity level:

The other thing to keep in mind while pairing sushi is the acidic level of your gin, as you might have seen that the best gins available online tend to have higher acidity level so pairing your drink with the same level of acidity as your roll would add more compliments to your dish. The same thing is suggested by also keeping in mind the different textures in your roll and how all of this is going to making your dining experience better.

Flavours of sushi with different Gin & tonics:


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Tuna & Salmon Shashimi:

Tuna Sashimi & Salmon Sashimi goes with the gin which has the flavours such as lotus leaves, citrus, almond and lavender or any other botanical flavours as this drink is going to compliment this sushi in a way that the flavour of the fish will be richer and would not be masked by the strong flavour of the usual gin. The best gin online which is available with all of these notes already in them is “Gin Lond2 300f8c64on Dry Bulldog”. This would not only be great on its own but also will bring out the taste of the fish in the sushi even more.



Salmon, Tuna or Shrimp Nigiri:

London dry gin available online with the notes of orange zest with warm orange with slight hints of angelica root musk and liquorice goes great with sushi's which are simple and only focus on the rich taste of the raw fish such as, salmon, tuna or shrimp nigiri as the great thing about this gin is that it has slight hints of lemon and lime as well and you can taste that before tasting the main orange flavour. This goes perfectly with this kind of sushi as it's a combination of sushi rice and water with a delicious piece of exquisite meat.


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Tuna & Shrimp Maki Roll:

Tuna and shrimp would go perfectly with the gin that has hints of lemon and lime while you're drinking it before tasting the sweetness in it complimenting the rich flavour of tuna and shrimp-like no other way. Hence finding the perfect gin and tonic online that has notes of lime and lemon with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity is and should be the first goal before going out and having these rich sushi flavours.

Fruit Maki Roll:

Keeping in mind that not a lot of people eat meat, the gins that are available online have very strong notes which only compliments the rich taste of the fish being used, there are gins available online which are very light and gentle and have hints of juniper, liquorice, apricot and citrus which will compliment very light sushi-like Fruit makis. Bols Jonge Genever Gin is a gin and tonic which has a very gentle Genever with a light malt flavour.


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Vegetable Maki Roll:

Vegetable makis are also very famous among the people who like eating sushi as it has no meat yet still, they complement the other components used to make the rolls. People love pairing their maki rolls with gin but some gins that are available online have such strong notes of different flavours in them that they overpower these light and delicate sushi’s. So, keeping that in mind Bols Jonge Graangenever is a gin and tonic which is extremely light and gentle that would go perfectly with the vegetable maki rolls as it would work as a great palate cleanser without overpowering and overshadowing the delicate dish.

Sea Urchin and Buttered Fish:

A very special gin online known as Cucumber gin is being served with rich flavoured fishes such as sea urchin or buttered fish as the citric acid in it helps to balance out the sush fish oil. Whereas the earl grey infused gin also known as The Final Gin is usually paired up with desserts as they pair up perfectly paired up with the final meal, as it goes great with the finely cut Japanese fruits to end your dining experience on a lighter note.


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Did you know:

Traditionally people like to have their rolls with green tea rather than having them with alcohol but nowadays people have more knowledge regarding what compliments their food more and like to go with those drinks to have a fun experience while satisfying their taste buds.

Bottom Line:

People like to pair their sushi's with gin as the citrus and acidity in them helps in balancing out the flavours of their dishes and not overpowering them. These drinks not only compliment the dish but also work great as a pallet cleanser for them to enjoy kinds of rolls and not just having one specific flavour. These pairing up helps to create an amazing outburst in the flavours of your food creating a delightful experience.



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