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Best Tips to Design an Excellent Kitchen in a Small Space!

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Being short on space should never become a hindrance in designing your dream kitchen. After all, whether it’s small or large, it’s a part of your home and you absolutely love your personal haven. But if you want your kitchen to be both functional and aesthetic, then consider designing it strategically is the key, especially if you are low on space. Let it become the most fabulous part of your home even though space is the least.

How to Make the Most of Your Small Kitchen Space?

Don’t ever assume that just because you don’t own a big kitchen, you can’t have all the latest amenities or a great décor. Everything is possible if you know how to tweak your design and how to utilize even the last inch of space in your kitchen. Well, as for the tips to design a fantastic kitchen in a small area, read on.

  • Go handle-less — Today, the modern kitchen is mostly sleek and plain without any ornaments. And by ornaments, we mean the handles. Often these tear your clothes and even hurt you a lot while moving in the kitchen space. So, go without handles to save space and also make your kitchen look magnificent and modern. Just ask your cabinet maker in Auckland from RH Cabinet Makers to design a compact and sleek set of cabinets in your kitchen. They assure the best of service and guarantee the good quality of the cabinets they provide for your kitchen.

  • Open shelves are awesome — One of the most efficient ways to make your kitchen look attractive and even save space is to opt for open shelves. You can fit in everything you like and if the color of the shelves is nice, it enhances the beauty of your kitchen. But remember if you opt to bear it all, keep it neat and organized.

  • Disappearing parts of the kitchen — When the space in your kitchen is less, why don’t you make half of the appliances and parts of the kitchen disappear? Here, by disappearing we mean to fold them in when they aren’t required. Today, you’ll find a foldable dining table, storage cupboards, and even an inventory organizer. Install these in your kitchen for increased efficiency.

  • Swap island for the dining table — Both the kitchen island and the dining table are inevitable in the kitchen. But you can’t have both of them when the space is low. So, simple! Turn your island into a dining table. For this, opt for space-saving designs to make the kitchen appear bigger and more functional.

  • Be minimalist — Being minimalist or even clutter-free is the key to sustain in a small kitchen. Opt for only the necessary appliances and items in your kitchen and fix a specific place for all of them. Only then your small kitchen would be the best.

Well, didn’t we see that an awesome kitchen can be designed even in a smaller space? Don’t the above ideas prove it? So, now when your architect asks you to drop the idea of a dream kitchen just because you are low on space, show him/her this list.

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