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Best TVs to Buy Under $300

With most of the best TVs under $300, you'll find that they can be used in different ways. There is something for almost every use, from basic 720p and 1080p TVs to advanced 4k TVs. If you have a more budget you can check out the best 65 inch tv article by 

As they increase in price, televisions in that range improve every year. In the event that you do not have the best TV with perfect picture quality, budget TVs can also serve as an affordable option for secondary screenings, regardless of that location's space and cost limitations.

3 Best TVs below $300

  1. TCL 55S525

  2. LG 43UM7300PUA

  3. TCL 55S425

1 Finest TV Under $300: TCL 55S525

The very best TV under $300 that we have reviewed thus far is that the TCL 5 Series 55S525 2019. It's an excellent overall Display, providing excellent value for its cost thanks to its strong image quality and user-friendly software. It has perfect out-of-box color quality, and you won't have to calibrate your TV if you don't need to.

It displays a broad range of colors essential for HDR articles, but it doesn't get really glowing in HDR and does not make the highlights pop up. As for most VA panel TVs, the contrast ratio is outstanding as well as the black uniformity can also be excellent, rendering this TV a fantastic solution for darkroom viewing.

Sadly, this comes at the expense of the poor viewing angles, so you're likely to lose picture quality as you see from the side. However, gamers ought to be delighted with the low input signal lag and amazing responsive period, which is going to result in clear motion.

Unlike another TCL TV, this one includes a built-in Roku because of its operating system, which is simple to use and has a wide assortment of applications readily available, and you're likely to have the ability to locate exactly what you need. It's a decent choice because of its size, which makes it the ideal TV under $300 that we've reviewed up to now.

2. Best Budget TV: LG 43UM7300PUA

If you have a wide room and you need a TV with enhanced viewing angles, then have a look at the LG 43UM7300PUA. It may not have the exact dark room efficacy as the TCL 5 Series / / S525 2019, but it's exceptional viewing angles due to its IPS display and is ideal for use in glowing rooms as it has fantastic reflective handling and great peak brightness to conquer glare.

Its color precision is reasonable and contains an extremely low response time to maintain movement blur to a minimum. However, the contrast ratio is so fair, and blacks appear to look much more like white when seen at nighttime, but that is anticipated from most IPS TVs.

And although the input lag is small enough for a sensitive gambling experience, it doesn't support any variable refresh rate technology. If viewing angles are not a problem, the TCL has better overall performance; if you generally watch from the side, then think about the LG.

3. Finest Value For Size TV Under $300: TCL 55S425

This 55 inches 4k TV gets good picture quality and is currently just under $300. Thanks to this native contrast ratio, this TV offers deep blacks in a darkened room but can not get very bright and does not have a wide selection of color to present good HDR functionality.

The response time is fast, and the motion is clear. This is a perfect TV for gambling or employing as a Computer display, mostly because of the very modest input lag that makes it feel quite sensitive. Just like the TCL 5 Series / / S525 2019, this TV runs an easy-to-use Roku smart TV interface using a significant number of streaming stations.


Regrettably, a space with large seating arrangements isn't a successful idea since the image degrades easily at an angle. It is best suited for a dim environment owing to reduced light rates. In general, this 55-inch TV is the best cost option for its scale under $300.

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